Tony Sacco’s Pizza Adds Vinyl Window Lettering in Charlotte NC

Last year, we worked with the management team from Tony Sacco’s Pizza to create an illuminated channel letter sign that would beckon to hungry shoppers and invite in those with a hankering for coal oven pizza. Business has been booming. Now, the company’s management team invited us to come back and design, manufacture and install vinyl window lettering. For restaurants in Charlotte, NC, this product takes on a broad range of shapes.

Tony Sacco’s Informs with Lettering

For the coal oven pizza eatery, the vinyl lettering displays the name of the business and the hours of operation. Adding this information in easy-to-read letters informs consumers who are planning their next outing and might be searching for a restaurant that is serving dinner a bit later than usual. In addition, the white vinyl numbers and letters add definition to the glass panes, which creates a visually appealing display.

What Can You Do with Vinyl Lettering and Decals?

The display of your company’s business hours is one of the most frequently commissioned window signs that restaurants favor. After all, if guests do not know when to plan for lunch or dinner, the eatery loses businesses. Yet there are other display opportunities as well.

  • Social media platform information. When you are active on Facebook or Pinterest, invite your guests to find you there. If you operate a food truck as part of the business, list your Twitter handle for guests to keep track of it.
  • Product displays. If you have a signature dish, platter or meal combination that is earning you rave reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor, transform digital images of these dishes into window decals. This generates even more interest in your menu.
  • Special promotions. Fall is the season that brings us pumpkin spice. When you add temporary menu items to stay in step with seasonal favorites, let your guests know what the upcoming special promotions are all about. Window graphics make this easy.

Combining Window Graphics and Lettering for Franchise Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Your franchisor sets forth the type of signage details you need to observe at your location. We gladly work with the office to receive size, color and image specifications. This allows you to do business with a local signage maker who handles the manufacture as well as the installation of the product. There is no reason to have an out-of-state company ship the finished signs to you, which you are then required to install yourself.

Using Graphics with Other Signage Products

Vinyl window lettering is a great product to support the building sign that you have on your façade. Think of it as a one-two signage punch. Yet there are other signage products that also combine well in this setting. For example, display an A-frame sign to passersby. Show off specialty dishes or advertise your lunch specials. The sign sits in the flow of foot traffic, which causes consumers to slow down a bit. This is the ideal setting for also using window graphics, which may now catch the eye of the shopper who is walking past your restaurant.

The Sign Factory experts welcome the opportunity to show you what window graphics can do for your business. Call us today to schedule a client consultation.

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