Top Signage Strategies That Will Set You Apart From Your Competitors

Every business, no matter the industry, is going to have their fair share of competition. While you can’t always predict what challenges your business may face, you can plan for success by being proactive and working to stay ahead of your competitors.

The Sign Factory is a North Carolina sign company that helps clients break down how they can use environmental graphic design and architectural signage to keep their business ahead of the rest.  Creating outdoor and indoor signage for your business is so much more than just choosing colors and words. Sophisticated signage has the ability to create experiences that solidly connect people to your brand.

Build Your Business With Professional Signs

Let’s explore some of the top signage strategies that will keep your business top of mind among your key audiences.

  1. Define Your Brand

Does the exterior of your business accurately communicate your identity?  Exterior building signs are an excellent way to communicate your business branding to the outside world.  Consistency is key when it comes to building brand awareness, so start with the exterior, and then use quality architectural signage throughout your space to drive home the messages you want your audiences to remember.

  1. Step Up Your Marketing

Signs give you the opportunity to tell people who you are, what you sell and why they should buy from you.  Learn to use environmental graphic design to tell your story.  The Sign Factory can help you boost your marketing efforts using branded outdoor and indoor signage, and by providing unique signage solutions like window graphics, digital print graphics, and so much more.

  1. Update Your Image

Do your signs look modern and inviting?  When is the last time you’ve had your signs updated?  Your exterior building signs should not only be up to date to represent your business, but they should also be in good condition too.  In order to update all your custom signs to match your brand, work with a professional signage company that can guide you on color management and proper installation.

  1. Differentiate

Be open to new ideas when it comes to the signs that represent your business.  Signage options available have come a long way, so it is worth investigating what options exist for your business.  While ordering the same old signs may be quick and easy, it won’t get you noticed and your return on investment will be limited. When we create custom signs in Charlotte, NC for our clients, we encourage them to bring us their ideas and their branding goals. We’ll use our experience and knowledge to present options that can shape a better future for their business.

  1. Target New Markets

Want to reach thousands of people every day by leveraging something you’re already doing? Consider getting custom branded vehicle wraps and graphics.  Your business vehicles will advertise your brand identity while you are driving or parked. If you want your brand to be everywhere, vehicle graphics are the least costly and most effective way to do it, especially if you have fleet vehicle graphics and wraps.

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