Types of Architectural Wayfinding Signs for Charlotte NC

Businesses embracing architectural wayfinding signs in Charlotte, NC, may still be in the minority, but they are creating a trend that is of interest to companies who are moving or custom building their venues. Ideally, architectural wayfinding eliminates the need for various signage solutions since the setup of the structure supports customer or client orientation. That said, no architectural setup eliminates the need for directional markers. What are your options?

Integrating Signage in an Organic Manner

Architectural wayfinding signs champion simplicity and display at the most logical locations. Whereas other products rely on 3D displays and repetition, this integration calls for an almost intuitive method of signage selection and installation. For example, a restroom sign is no longer the marker installed at right angles to the wall. Rather, it is the colorful vinyl graphic installed onto a door that hints at the function of the room as a restroom. Fitting right into the design of the space, this directional component is not an afterthought but rather part of the interior décor.

Adaptability and Changeability Matter

On the exterior, choose post and panel signs with plenty of space to add more panels. Change out panels as needed. Panel colors match your company’s colors while the look of the setup – rounded or straight edges – take their design cues from the look of the architectural plans. On the interior, directories made up of customized panels blend right into the décor with attractive frames. Once again, the functionality of changing out panels as needed is the most noticeable feature of the signs.

Suite signs follow a modular design that allows changes in name and room designations. Frames give the illusion of wall art even as the signage provides directional information. As you might imagine, these signs are flat rather than jutting out, which lets us install them directly to the wall without offsets and other products that enhance a three-dimensional appearance.

Stand-alone Products Offer Enlarged Display Areas

Pylons and partially interactive columns can offer directions. This solution is a favorite in bigger mall settings, on large campuses and in extensive medical office and hospital properties. Here, backlit sign panels direct visitors to head to the general direction of the department they are looking for while an interactive signage part provides the details that allow the consumer to fine-tune the location search.

Modifying Your Current Venue to Include Architectural Wayfinding Signs for Charlotte, NC, Companies

You do not have to wait until you move to call the Sign Factory experts for a complete signage makeover. Rather, we work with you to adapt your current venue to display the markers that add an attractive modern look and feel to the building. We treat the walls around your elevator banks to display directory systems and color-coded wayfinding murals. Replacing standard products with architectural wayfinding signs is a snap.

Spruce up the look of your building’s interior while adding plenty of functionality to walls that may have previously detracted from the overall appeal of the venue. In fact, you may find that branding and advertising your business in this way appeals to a completely new segment of your target demographic.

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