Types of Office Signs for Mint Hill NC

Suburban Mint Hill is home to a vibrant business community that draws plenty of consumers from nearby Charlotte. Combining its natural beauty with carefully planned neighborhoods and business areas, office signs in Mint Hill, NC, must appeal to demanding consumers but also bespeak the area’s overall atmosphere. What are your options?

Lobby Signs

Available in a broad range of materials, the lobby sign is your company venue’s equivalent of a business card. It communicates your approach to business, brands your company and still hints at the Mint Hill vibe. Dimensional letters are a favorite of the local business community. Available in metal, acrylic or foam, they allow for three-dimensional displays in a variety of sizes. For high-tech businesses, the use of acrylic boards with vinyl overlays and dimensional letters is always a good idea. As artistic as it is functional, this signage solution easily adapts to a company’s branding message.

ADA Signs

Signs fulfilling the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are mandated by law. That said, there is no need to accept a cookie cutter approach to displays. For example, the law requires certain color contrasts for easy letter recognition by visually impaired consumers. Nevertheless, it is frequently possible to incorporate your company’s colors into the design. Sizes, material selections and surrounding artwork further allow us to enhance the visual appeal of these markers. Our signage experts work with you to determine which signs must meet ADA standards and where to mount them.

Suite Signs

Office management companies like the idea of a uniform suite sign look within a building. It is easy to minimize the need for new installations by selecting changeable panel signs that allow for display updates whenever a new company moves in or moves office spaces. The permanent portions of these signs are frequently made from acrylic or metal. Painting these materials with the building’s overall atmosphere in mind easily allows them to blend into the interior décor while still catching the eyes of clients and visitors to the venue.

Wall or Window Graphics

Mint Hill companies are catching on to the latest trend that involves wall graphics and window graphics. A growing number of businesses now use wall graphics in the place of framed wall art. In so doing, they tell the story of the company, display expansion plans or highlight product-manufacturing techniques. Other businesses like the way that a full-wall mural can alter the look and feel of a lobby virtually overnight. Since it is possible to incorporate a lobby sign component into a wall mural, this can also be a money-saving signage purchase. Window graphics are being used in conference rooms and for privacy purposes.

Ordering Office Signs for Mint Hill, NC, Companies

The Sign Factory professionals look forward to collaborating with your company’s management team in an effort to provide you with excellent signage that markets, brands and wows. We work with the artwork that you already have on file, sketch out proposed signage products from scratch or help you with your re-branding needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and to get started on your order.

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