Use Interior and Exterior Wayfinding Signs to Advertise in Charlotte NC!

Helping customers orientate is not just important for getting the shopper from point A to point B. Rather, using the right signs creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for the consumer. When you place wayfinding signage that is effective, it is not uncommon for buyers to drive a little farther just to do business at your location where everything seems to be so easy to find. If you have ever been to a chain supermarket and visited a different store of the same chain, you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

So, what are the right types of wayfinding signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses that will make customers feel this welcomed and comfortable at your venue?

  • Monument signs. Wayfinding starts on the outside. When drivers have to make u-turns because they missed the entrance to your parking lot, they will chalk up your location as being one that is too cumbersome to find. When they can adjust their lane choices and speed well in advance of reaching your parking lot, the monument sign has done its job of acting as a wayfinding and branding tool.
  • Post and panel signs. If there are multiple buildings on your property, use post and panel signs with arrows to point the way to the most common destinations. You see this frequently on college campuses and on hospital grounds. Areas like the loading dock, main entrance, cafeteria and specialty rooms or buildings are clearly marked to direct foot traffic.
  • Exterior building signs. Let your shoppers know that they have reached the right destination. This is particularly important if you are located in a mall or an office park, where multiple vendors have locations nearby. Channel letter or lightbox cabinet signs work great in these settings.
  • Window graphics. Bridging the gap between the exterior and the interior wayfinding needs are window graphics. Did you know that even the repetition of an advertised special on your window panes can act as a wayfinding tool? When the shopper recognizes the deal, it is clear that your store is the right destination. Window graphics are also useful for displaying the name of the business right there on the glass with your store hours.
  • Posters and banners. Inside, use posters and banner to direct buyers. Highlight the area where you sell the advertised products and use posters as point-of-purchase signs right by the displays.
  • Overhead markers. Help shoppers find the restrooms and emergency exits by clearly marking the areas overhead. This location allows these safety wayfinding signs to stand out from the branding and marketing messages around your location.
  • Floor graphics. One of the easiest ways of rolling branding and wayfinding into one is the use of floor graphics. Start at the entrance and either create a trail of footprints to the desired shelves or simply add arrows that point in their direction.

There are plenty of additional methods for helping shoppers to find the products they need with ease. Talk to the friendly wayfinding signage experts at the Sign Factory for additional suggestions and ideas.

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