Use Trade Show Displays to Stand Out in Charlotte NC

The trade show circuit is more than just a display opportunity for your product or service. It is a time when you can meet up with other retailers in your niche as well as buyers who are interested in your products. Even if no sale is made at the time, you have the opportunity to forge business relationships that may very well lead to lucrative sales later on. Of course, to have this type of impact on those attending the exhibits, you need cutting-edge trade show displays for Charlotte, NC, venues.

Why Last Year’s Displays May Detract from This Year’s Message

Even if you had a display custom-printed for your business last year, set it up in your storage area and look it over with a critical eye. Did you store it properly? Did you pack it properly? Some of our clients have found that hired show assistants did not treat their displays with the care they deserved. As a result, some edges have ripped while others have unsightly seams that go right through the middle of the graphics.

Moreover, if your prices have changed or you no longer carry certain products, do not use trade show displays that still feature them! If your current signage setup simply is no longer up to par, it is better to replace than to repair or – worse – try to hide some banners in the background.

Planning a Display Booth from the Ground Up

Standing out from the crowd in Charlotte calls for meticulous planning. Think along the lines of covering all surfaces.

  • Floor graphics. Unless there will be indoor/outdoor carpeting in the display space, you are most likely looking at a polished substrate. This is the perfect display choice for floor graphics. They are quick to put on the floor, durable and just as quick to remove at the end of the trade show.
  • Ceiling banners. On the other end, there is the ceiling space. Just like the floor, it is frequently an overlooked display space. Choose a spinning ceiling banner that features three or four sides. All sides should display your company’s name and logo. This helps attendees to find you in the midst of a crowded hall.
  • Backdrop. A gull-wing backdrop is great for a space that measures 20 feet in length. Since most trade show venues are smaller, you can make do with the traditional three-panel backdrop. Make sure that you have it customized with an eye on building name recognition and brand awareness.
  • Supporting displays. This framework will already have established the look and feel of your booth. The other display options that you now choose should support – but not clutter – the space. Examples include the table throws, which are customized, retractable banner stands with banners, tabletop displays. Interactive iPad displays, magazine holders featuring leaflets and spinning racks are additional options.

Getting Help Rather Than Going It Alone

Do not second-guess yourself or your display setup. The professional trade show setup experts at the Sign Factory have worked with numerous companies to get them ready for the next Charlotte event. We gladly help you plan a display booth from scratch or talk through the different ways of integrating the displays that you already have with some additional must-have options that are new this year.

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