Use Vehicle Graphics to Gain New Customers

If you’re like any other business owner, you know that getting people in your doors is sometimes the hardest part of the job. Sure, once they’re in, you can convince them to buy a product or use a service you offer, but if they just simply pass by your store on the way to work, you may never see them step foot inside.

One way to advertise to these hard-to-reach potential customers is with vehicle graphics. These are a handy form of mobile marketing that really do make a difference.

Here are the various types of vehicle graphics that are out there to choose from.

Vehicle Wraps

These are the most striking of all the vehicle graphics. They come in two variations: full wraps and partial wraps.

A full vehicle wrap offers complete coverage of your car, truck or van. These wraps are great for food trucks and home repair businesses, for example. If you’re that food truck owner, you could cover your truck in graphics that display the delectable food you offer.

A partial vehicle wrap is the more affordable of the wrap options. These only cover part of your company’s car, but can still help you stand out in a crowded business landscape. Use them to show off your insurance agency or real estate business.

Vinyl Vehicle Decals

This form of vehicle graphic is easy to stick on and just as simple to remove. This would be an excellent choice for a small business with an eye-catching logo. All you need to do is stick the decal on your van and let it do the hard work of advertising for you. As for placement of the decal, we recommend putting it on the sides and back of your vehicle for best results.

Vinyl Lettering

Like decals, vinyl lettering is also a less expensive option compared to vehicle wraps and is very simple to install. This form of vehicle graphic lets you get your company’s name and contact information on your car or truck without having to put out the money out for a more costly full vehicle wrap.

Get High-Quality Vehicle Graphics for Your Business

Since you’ve now learned the basics of vehicle graphics, and all the great things they can do to bring customers in and increase business, go ahead and get in touch with The Sign Factory. We would love to hear about any projects you’re doing so we can help you out! Contact us today.