Using Frosted and Etched Vinyl Window Graphics in Charlotte

Dressing up your windows and glass panels with graphics is an excellent method for rejuvenating the look and feel of your venue. At the same time, frosted and etched vinyl window films in Charlotte, NC, fulfill privacy functions in offices where glass panes create a fishbowl effect in conference rooms and human resources workspaces. Why should you give this product some serious consideration?

Understanding the Advantages of Vinyl Window Graphics

Etched or frosted glass window film is a permanent product. We like to use the Avery Dennison brand, which is acrylic based. When used on the inside, the estimated longevity of the products runs from nine years to 15 years. On the exterior, the product should last about seven years. There are additional advantages to using this product.

  • Budget-friendly. Unlike a chemical etching of glass surfaces, the application of a window film is inexpensive and quick.
  • A broad range of colors. Although most clients like the off-white look, it is possible to commission colorful window graphics products, too. The manufacturer offers a color-matching service that lets us use a film base with a proper hue for your etched or frosted look requirements.
  • Quiet installations. Our technicians quietly install these window products while you conduct business. There is no noise of drills or hammers.

What Could You Do with Vinyl Window Graphics in Your Space?

We have already mentioned that a primary office application is the use of frosted or etched film on conference room glass enclosures for privacy. Did you know that the product also has the potential to advertise, assist with branding and fulfill wayfinding functions?

  • Logo displays. If glass doors open into your office, use etched vinyl to display your company’s name and logo.
  • Wayfinding. If you are using a frosted image for the conference room, ask us to imprint the terms on a panel with an arrow that points in the direction of the door. This is particularly helpful when space takes up an area in the middle of your lobby.
  • Niche-specific displays. A law firm quickly obscures the view into a partner’s office with the use of an etched glass appearance that features cutouts of scales, Justice or similar imagery.
  • Branding. If you sell bread and baked goods, dress up your glass surfaces with vinyl window graphics that depict these products. By using etched and frosted displays, you create visual interest because of the layout’s intricacy. Combine it with lettering that runs as a stripe across your glass; imprint, perhaps white on black, the various products you sell.
  • Decorative touches. Retailers also use frosted and etched vinyl window films in Charlotte, NC. The windows facing your customers could feature seasonal displays that support the products you present on the other side of the glass.

If the sheer wealth of possible uses seems overwhelming, do not worry! Contact our graphic artists to discuss your need for window graphics. We work with you to determine the right look and display option. By presenting you with detailed sketches, you see what your customers would see. Contact us today to get started on your project.


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