Using Office Wall Graphics for Your Charlotte NC Business

Is your office space as functional as you would like it to be? Are you getting excellent use out of a space that should be more than just a place for employees to go about their tasks? Making a change that achieves just that could be as simple as adding vinyl wall graphics for Charlotte, NC, offices. What are your options?

Motivate with Quotes and Stories

How do you motivate your employees to stay true to your company’s vision and mission statement? Displaying these words in their entirety on the focal wall of the office is an excellent option to create daily buy-in. Presenting these quotes has the added benefit of positioning your brand in the minds of visiting guests, investors, and clients.

We recommend pairing these quotes with graphics that depict your company’s history. Doing so is a favorite of businesses with a clear vision of where they are headed. By reminding workers of the venture’s history, it creates confidence in the direction that the company will lead into as expansions occur. Select a wall to create a timeline from start to finish. The larger the wall space you have to work with, the taller the graphics and the more detailed the depictions might become.

Beautify the Space with Decorative Touches that Market and Brand

If you have an open office space, you do not have many walls to work with. Make the ones that you do have count. Select vinyl wall graphics that contain your logo and company name as well as your company’s colors. By the way, these graphics do not have to be die-cut vinyl decals that you place directly on the wall. Consider the use of imprinted acrylic that creates the floor to ceiling panels our technicians mount to the portions of the wall that you designate for beautification.

The combination of treated wall spaces with untreated ones results in a visually attractive display of your information as well as your company’s colors. When your walls are no longer as pristine as they were when you first took over space, remember that the panels have the power to cover plenty of scratches and scuff marks. If you do have well-maintained walls, we recommend alternating displays featuring vinyl wall graphics and acrylic panels.

Set the Tone for Clients

What do you want your clients or customers to do in your space? Do you want them to take charge of their financial future? Do you want them to enjoy their health again? Do you want them to feel good about making a financial arrangement that benefits their families once they pass on? Wall graphics that combine with lettering succeed in setting the tone for these emotional responses.

Discussing Office Wall Graphics for Charlotte, NC, Venues with the Pros

The Sign Factory experts understand that the selection of the right types of images and sayings is instrumental in achieving your goal for your office space. During our consultation, we work with you to find the right mix of images and text to present your company and its office to their fullest advantages. Contact us today to get started on the process.

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