Using Vinyl Graphics as a Lobby Sign

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to present your customers with a look that is still so rare that it places you right on the cutting edge of office design? If so, then take a closer look at vinyl graphic lobby signs. Charlotte, NC, business owners are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their nearest competitors. In-office posters, exterior banners and window decals are frequently the means used for looking different and getting ahead of other businesses. Now, the look and feel of the lobby sign is another such opportunity.


Vinyl graphics have an air of sophistication that is due in part to the use of vibrant colors and in part because of the artistic merit that goes into the designs. When a vinyl piece of wall art makes up the reception area sign, you cannot help but make a great first impression.


While your clients or customers are sitting on the comfortable lobby chairs and admiring the marker, they cannot help wonder how this translates into your business’s philosophy. Are you are a forward thinker? Do you think out of the box? Do you pay as much attention to business matters as you did to your wall art? In short, you have piqued the consumer’s interest. As a result, this buyer is now interested in what you have to say. Does your current lobby sign accomplish this much with so little?


Choose colors that harmonize with the paint you currently have on the wall. On the other hand, you do have the option of using your lobby sign as a visual counterpoint. As long as one or more of the hues harmonize with the color palette of the lobby furnishings or the choice of carpeting, the counterpoint idea is actually quite effective.

If you really want to go avant-garde, place your vinyl graphic not on the wall but on the ceiling or on the floor. Granted, this is a practice reserved for the truly adventurous businesses out there. Even so, this type of approach has shown some good results. Another option is the use of individual thin vinyl letters and a die-cut logo that is placed directly onto the wall. When you want to take up a bit more space with your name’s display, consider this option.

There is still another display setup that you might not have thought about: the wall covering. To include vinyl lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, reception areas, some business owners have chosen to install a whole-wall mural. The lobby marker becomes part of the mural. Depending on the scene, it either blends in or is a culmination. Choosing the mural as a type of frame is also a popular decision. Can you envision having your focal wall treated in this manner?

When you want a bit more information before making the commitment, talk to our friendly sign makers at the Sign Factory. We work with you to learn more about your vision and your branding needs. We gladly answer your questions about this revolutionary way of marketing in your office.

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