Using Wall and Floor Graphics in Your School to Motivate and Inspire

We occasionally get calls from educators and principals who want more information on wall graphics for schools. Charlotte, NC, preschools, elementary, middle and high schools are commonly painted with an eye on durability and resilience of the walls. But forward-thinking education professionals realize that there is so much more than these walls could be used for. Since the questions we receive are usually fairly similar, we decided on posting some of them in a Q&A format.

Q: What types of mural pictures do you make?

A: We can manufacture murals that feature any photograph, painting or artwork that you have the rights to use. If you know that you want a sandy beach scene but do not have a photo, we can help you out with our library of stock images. Simply look through the images or photos until you find the right one.

Q: Where should we locate one or more of your murals?

A: The playground wall, the library, the computer lab and the sports arena have been some of the most popular destinations for the installation of whole-wall murals. Smaller murals may be placed inside classrooms and along the walls of the corridors. In the latter case, we frequently include wayfinding elements into the signage. This helps first-time students at the facility to easily find their ways around.

Q: Don’t these murals get boring after a while?

A: No, they don’t. You see, the school mascot’s depiction in the lunch room or the sports team’s mascot in the locker room easily becomes part of the school’s culture. Students take pride in these visible symbols associated with their schools. They begin to identify as being part of something greater, which has the power to greatly enhance their wellbeing during the educational process.

Q: Can we add seasonal murals and decals?

A: Yes, you can! Seasonal murals celebrate spring, summer, fall or winter. Welcome students back to school after the long summer break with special murals. Underscore exceptional seasonal fundraisers or other activities that you do during these times.

Q: Can we decorate with something other than wall murals?

A: Again, yes! Although wall murals are among the most commonly commissioned wall graphics that we do, other options include floor graphics for schools. Charlotte, NC, educators are sometimes concerned that these graphics will not hold up well to the average wear and tear. This is when we show them the floor graphics that we routinely do for grocery stores and malls during the holiday shopping season. By the end of the season, these graphics still look great and promote the retailer. You can achieve the same goal with the addition of durable floor graphics that help with wayfinding or simply contain witty sayings or cartoon characters.

Q: I like the idea of adding murals. But what should they look like?

A: Some schools have chosen to add murals that feature the logos and names of colleges and universities. This serves to inspire students to seek out a higher education when they are finished with high schools. Others have added witty sayings or inspirational messages to their walls. Still, others like the idea of combining visuals with a life lesson. For example, demonstrating good study habits may be underscored with a picture of a child reading a book after turning off a television set.

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