Vehicle Graphics for Contractors in Huntersville NC

Because it is part of the Charlotte metropolitan area, Huntersville contractors not only face competition from their local counterparts but also from those doing business out of Charlotte itself and out of the other two North Meck towns. Becoming and staying competitive calls for unique marketing and superior branding strategies. Some of the tools you can use are vehicle graphics for contractors in Huntersville, NC.

Understanding Graphics Options

Three primary product lines fall under the vehicle graphics heading.

1. Full wrap. This product consists of an imprinted vinyl skin that covers every part of your vehicle’s exterior. The ad design spreads over the entirety of the truck, van, or car.

2. Partial wrap. For a less than complete cover of your work truck, consider a partial wrap. It covers 75 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent. We help you to decide which percentage is right for your needs and how you should spread the graphics over the vehicle for the best impact.

3. Graphics. When you treat less than 25 percent of your vehicle with a graphics product, it is no longer a wrap. You might opt for decals, stickers, and similar products.

Who Benefits from Wraps?

Fleet operators are, of course, among those who reap substantial benefits from the procedure. Since they send multiple vehicles on the roads each day, they repeatedly expose various demographics to their companies’ advertising messages. If you use multiple trucks or vans in your contracting business, consider the increase in visibility you would enjoy if you sent them all treated with advertising graphics down the Sam Furr Road or up the I-77.

Wraps and graphics packages also benefit the small business operator. Even if you only use one truck for the company, and the rest of the time the vehicle serves as your personal daily driver, the right graphics product puts your marketing message on par with that of the franchise or multi-location outfit that runs hundreds of trucks each day. It is fair to say that a wrap has the power to make you look like a million bucks without actually costing that much.

Adding on to Vehicle Wraps for Contractors in Huntersville, NC

When you decide to add a vehicle wrap to your contracting business’ fleet or a single vehicle, you take an important first step on the road to mobile marketing. But why stop there? Add-on products ensure that you catch the attention of even more consumers who could easily turn into clients.

  • Perforated window graphics. Our technicians create these products for the rear windows of your vehicle. Perforations make it possible to look out while those on the outside only see your printed ad.
  • Lettering. Graphics are great; but when you add lettering, you have the option of giving the consumer an action to complete. “Call Us” or “Visit Us Online” are two suggestions you might make. The lettering also helps to differentiate you from the competition.
  • Decals. When you want to direct prospective customers to interact with your brand online, consider the display of social media platform icons that encourage folks to check out your company there.

If we have persuaded you to give vehicle wraps and graphics a closer look, contact The Sign Factory experts today for more information.