Vehicle Graphics in Charlotte Promote Car Chick!

Syndicated radio talk show hostess LeeAnn Shattuck, also known as the Car Chick, helps women (and men) buy a car without haggling, being taken advantage of, and falling for a bad deal. Experts in her network of consultants help consumers negotiate deals, leases, and financing offers. When LeeAnn wanted her ride, Maggie, to have more personality and inform about the Car Chick, she contacted us to handle the vehicle graphics in Charlotte, NC.

After consulting with our client, we outfitted the car with pink style elements such as a hood racing stripe that goes below the bumper. On the sides, we spelled out the Car Chick information as well as the phone number to call. Her racing number, 23, is part of the setup, as is a checkered flag stripe at the bottom of the door. Folks who are seeing the car now cannot help but wonder just who this personality is and what she does. To get answers, they visit the website or call the number. Clearly, the promotional setup works.

What Can You Promote With Vehicle Graphics?

Perhaps the better question would be: what can you not promote? Whether you choose a full or partial wrap, a graphics package, or a lettering setup, there are plenty of events, businesses, and products you can easily advertise.

  • Services. If you are just starting out in business, let consumers know that your company is accepting clients. This approach makes sense if you are an attorney, a real estate professional, a car-buying advisor, or a pack-and-ship operator. The same goes for business owners who provide a niche service that consumers may only need once every so often.
  • Merchandise. When your store introduces a new line of products, make a mention of it with vehicle graphics. Do so as well if a favorite product rebrands its look.
  • Trade show appearance. You can get a lot of folks talking about your trade show appearance by advertising it wherever you go. Doing so has the added advantage of letting you introduce a web page address for the splash page you set up in advance of the show. There, consumers can engage with your brand, learn more about products, get discounted passes, and find coupons.
  • Seasonal relevance. Whether you want to show your products or services’ appropriateness for the winter holiday shopping season or back-to-school buying time, feature seasonal graphics in advance of the occasion.
  • Neighborhood appeal. When you brand your business as being the friendly neighborhood professional, you can draw attention to this presentation simply by featuring holiday greetings as indicated by the occasion.

Temporary and Permanent Promotional Vehicle Graphics in Charlotte, NC

As you can see, some of the display options are temporary in nature while others will stick around for the duration of your graphics package’s useful life. It is not unusual for business clients to commission a basic wrap that allows the company to stand out with an advertising and branding message. Then, they return frequently for temporary graphics and lettering that holds distinct appeal for promotions or seasonal selling they do. The dual usage of the marketing medium could be quite successful.

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