Wall, Ceiling and Floor Vinyl Graphics for Matthews NC

Look around your office space, waiting room or retail location. Are you content with the way you are using the wall, floor and ceiling surfaces? If you are unsure of what you could do with them, we can help. The Sign Factory graphic artists routinely work with businesses to create imaginative branding and marketing communications that take on the forms of the wall, ceiling and floor vinyl graphics in Matthews, NC, venues. What are your options?

Capitalize on the Surface Everyone Uses but Few Market With

The floor is a highly effective marketing surface. For starters, it appeals to children who are much closer to it than adults are. Next, remember that – thanks to cell phones – a large number of consumers are now looking down rather than straight ahead. This makes the floor an ideal surface for the display of any messages that you want to have noted.

We recommend floor graphics that show off bold colors. These catch the eye easily. Why not incorporate the use of a niche-specific graphic with a clear marketing symbol such as a QR (quick response) code? Displays for the winter shopping season or deep discount notices are also possible. When you are representing a new product in your store, co-brand with the manufacturer to enhance consumers’ brand awareness. A floor graphic easily combines both logos and company names.

Look up for Beautifying Touches and New Advertising Opportunities

Ceiling graphics easily take the form of light fixture overlays that make images both bold and noticeable. That said, we can also treat the ceiling tiles or surfaces themselves. Options include localized graphics for certain display areas or a storewide image that enhances the atmosphere of the venue.

For example, a wine store’s ambiance would be greatly improved with a ceiling mural that mimicked a wine cellar’s ceiling. Within an office setting, consider the use of ceiling graphics to create an atmosphere that is conducive to doing business. For example, the look of fall trees against a blue autumn sky is relaxing and visually attractive.

Wall Graphics Include Interior and Exterior Surfaces

Spark a conversation with an exterior wall mural that mimics the look of a framed painting. On the interior, the display of a mountain lake scene creates a calming atmosphere in an office or waiting room. When you are a coach, have your team’s mascot and images displayed with a whole-wall wrap. In fact, this is also a great setup when you are not associated with the team but rather a diehard fan or corporate sponsor. Your wall graphics are also excellent seasonal displays for your retail location. They easily put consumers in the mood to shop around.

When you want to find out more about the wall, ceiling and floor vinyl graphics in Matthews, NC, call our graphic artists. We look forward to collaborating with you on the design of a display that perfectly suits your venue. Whether you need something that gets the products flying off your shelves or you simply want to create a unique atmosphere that appeals to consumers as well as your staff, we can help.

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