Wall Graphics and Mural for 34 Below Nightclub & Lounge!

Located at 115 Commons Drive, the management staff at the 34 Below Nightclub is preparing for its big grand opening in October. Specializing in providing a high-energy entertainment experience, this business needed an interior setup that would underscore its atmosphere. This is when the experts at The Sign Factory got a call.

Wall Graphics for Nightclubs and Lounges in Mooresville, NC

Nothing changes the atmosphere of a venue faster than the installation of wall graphics and murals. With blue and white wall colors, the lettering displaying the “Thirty-four” presents a sharp contrast in the entryways. Using a three-dimensional design, the lettering seems to leap off the wall. The name and logo of the club take up the back wall. White lettering on a black background creates a memorable impression that enhances name recognition and sets the tone for the venue. Since ambiance is a major component of a nightclub’s success, this business is getting off to a great start.

Moving away from Paint and toward Vinyl Graphics and Wraps

In the past, business owners would spend quite a bit of money on creating settings with the help of paint. Mural painters or regular professionals would spend time putting together a look that combined different hues and style elements. In addition to the time-consuming paint process, the noxious fumes of the paints also presented problems for businesses that wanted to welcome customers or clients.

With the advent of wall mural and graphics technology, these problems are no longer applicable. The design and manufacture of the product is quick. The installation also does not take long. There are no curing periods and no paint fumes. In short, we can come in tonight and treat your venue; you reopen tomorrow with a new atmosphere and look. This is not something that you can hope to accomplish with a can of paint and a brush.

Who is Taking Advantage of this Technology?

The better question might be, “who isn’t?” Restaurants, nightclubs, retailers and service providers appreciate the speed with which they can transform a location. This is of particular importance during a rebranding process. In addition, it works well for the company that likes to speed the process along. After all, many other tasks are on hold while the walls and ceilings need to be treated.

Retailers have discovered that changing the look of one wall to facilitate the marketing of a product is highly effective. Shoe stores, in particular, like to use wall murals to transform the look of a space to create the right backdrop for the product. Restaurants no longer have to rely on decorations that are difficult to clean. Instead, the use of vinyl wall graphics transforms the setting and eliminates clutter.

Commissioning Your Wall Graphics

Whether you need wall murals for nightclubs and lounges in Mooresville, NC, or graphics for any other type of business setting, our graphic artists can help. We work with your management team to design a look that creates the atmosphere you are looking for. We incorporate any style elements that you already have on file. When needed, we gladly design the look from the ground up. Contact us today to get started on your graphics or mural products.

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