Wall Graphics Jazz Up Nightclubs and Bars

If you’re looking for a not-so-average signage option for your new nightclub or bar, you should consider wall graphics. Instead of traditional signs, which can be clunky and obtrusive, these interior signs can class up a place without taking up too much legroom. They are easy to install and look great once complete. Learn more about these eye-catching and colorful forms of signage.

Simple to Install and Remove

Wall graphics are made of vinyl with static cling, which makes them easy to apply and remove. This makes them a fantastic choice for a nightclub or bar, which could have several owners over the course of its lifetime, and thus have its “look” changed just as often. You can also use your wall graphics to advertise drink or food specials, if you offer them. The graphics can just be stuck on a wall or window until the offer is done. Then, simply peel them off.

You can even put wall graphics…on the floor! This might seem silly, but it’s actually an excellent way to advertise new specials, especially if you know your customers or patrons will be dancing the night away. They’ll have to look down eventually.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Another great thing about wall graphics is that you can customize them however you like. This is especially good for nightclubs and bars, many of which have their own specific branding attached to them. And again, remember that bars can change hands often over a period of merely a few years, so keep that in mind. That way, your wall graphics can be as unique as your business.

Easy to Clean

We know that a bar or nightclub can get a bit messy or dirty sometimes, despite your best efforts to keep it clean. This is where wall graphics have yet another plus—they’re easy to clean! Because they’re made of vinyl, all you have to do is just wipe the graphics down with a wet sponge or paper towel. The vinyl also has a tendency to resist tough stains, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing too hard and damaging the material. Just wipe and it’ll be good to go.

Get Your Wall Graphics Today

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