Wall Murals Improve Work Place Morale

Modern offices try to bring more comfort and foster creativity in their interior design and decor. This means a lot less fluorescent lighting and a lot more room for expression. For some, this can be as simple as a well-crafted lobby sign with more modern looking furniture in the lobby. However, there are also lower cost options in wall murals for office settings that could bring more to the office than many realize.

An office wall mural will bring more color and intrigue into the office space, which can liven up an otherwise drab decor. With the options in customization, there are choices to add either more or less color, making it easy to match existing decor and branding without clashing. This can brighten a lackluster office without going overboard.

Benefits of Wall Murals in Office Settings

How does a mural boost workplace morale? There are three main benefits that aid small businesses.

Employee Morale

The color of walls and the interior of a building has a big psychological impact. It isn’t as easy to think creatively when staring at a blank white wall as it is when you are surrounded by branding and color. Even further, the pop of color can improve morale as it leads to feeling happier. Anyone will begin to feel drained staring at a bland, blank wall but color has been proven to have a positive effect on the brain.

Utilizing Color Theory

Speaking of the positive influence of color, some colors have a better effect than other. Using color theory, you can add emotion to your walls, leading to a happier workplace. With the right colors, you can improve calmness, add happiness, bring excitement, create balance, boost creativity, and other color-influenced emotions, leading to a better work environment.

Company Identity and Branding

Rather than clashing with your brand identity and company colors, you can use them in your mural. Our professionals will work with you to incorporate your identity into your mural without making it a large version of your logo. Instead, we use colors and aspects of the identity to create a unique and complete look in our wall murals. This can help communicate your brand to visitors while encouraging company price in your employees.

Contact us today to get started. We will help guide you through the long list of options and customization to ensure your wall mural is specific to your company and needs.