We Can Help with Your Architectural Signs in Charlotte!

How do you create a cohesive appearance of a property that is more of a sprawling campus than an easy-to-survey business location? The answer is simple: architectural signs. Charlotte business leaders are recognizing that the creation of a consistent look across multiple buildings and other structures has the power to create a visually pleasing look that brands in the process.

Who Orders Architectural Signage?

Schools, university campuses, in particular, hospitals and large companies prefer this signage look to the combination of readily available stand-alone markers. Although it is possible to come close to creating visual cohesion by working with a signage maker, it is the advanced plan for an architectural signage model that truly brings out the unified look in a broad range of signage products.

The Advantage of a Unified Look

If you are operating a large property that operates an onsite shuttle, various parking structures, multiple buildings and perhaps also some storage facilities, the task of ordering signage may appear overwhelming. In addition, you may be dealing with various buildings that were built or acquired separately. The goal of any business property is to present with a visual appeal that is uniform and easy on the eye. At the same time, the branding opportunity of your signage is too important to be ignored.

The Importance of Branding

The use of colors, textures, symbols and fonts is all part of your branding. This combination of symbols and style elements makes your signage memorable to the consumer. It explains why sometimes a consumer knows to select one product over another – even if the brand name or manufacturer name has escaped the shopper’s mind.

Branding bespeaks your business approach and makes the consumer feel in a certain way about your product or service. Not surprisingly, when companies move onto properties that are vast and call for ample signage, it is the successful branding approach that matters. Make a mistake here, and potential customers or clients might be overwhelmed and simply walk away.

Making Architectural Signage Work for You

The Sign Factory routinely works with schools, healthcare providers and corporate entities to create the type of architectural signage Charlotte consumers find helpful. Individual signage products include exterior markers such as channel letter signs, monument markers, post and panel setups or lightbox cabinets. On the interior, we regularly manufacture and install directories, suite signs, wayfinding markers and ADA-compliant signage.

Our approach is comprehensive.

  • Artwork. We work with the artwork you already have or design a new look from scratch.
  • Material selection. If you prefer a metal laminate on the interior, we recommend adding metal to the exterior, too. We ensure that your material selection finds a corresponding interior or exterior complementing choice.
  • Colors. We work with your logo colors and the way that you present yourself online. Usually, these are the colors that companies like us to work with since they have already had the widest impact.
  • Style. Do you prefer a minimalist look, a more whimsical appearance or a signage product that incorporates natural elements?

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