Welcome Kids Back with School Signs in Charlotte NC!

The first day of school is right around the corner. Whether you are in charge of overseeing the event for a preschool, elementary, middle or high school, there are back to school signs for Charlotte, NC, that you just cannot do without. By the way, if you are working with one of the city’s many universities and colleges, these signage options are ideal for you as well!

Welcome Banners

The younger your students are, the more colorful the welcome banners should be. At the lowest grades, the welcoming text is mostly for the parents and caregivers dropping off the children while the colors and graphics are intended for the youngsters. Since back-to-school jitters easily affect the younger learners, it is a good idea to incorporate bold versions of calming colors. If you have school colors, they are ideal for display on the welcome banners, too. For older students, remember to display the mascot of your school, its logo and include the name of your sports team.

Wayfinding Wall Graphics

Unlike post and panel signs, wayfinding wall graphics remain in place and are not in the way when large crowds walk through hallways and in between classrooms and department floors. By elevating these graphics to display just a bit above eye level, it is easy to make them stand out for all to see. This excellent signage option also allows you to completely customize the look of the directional markers. For example, add your school’s logo, allow campus clubs to sponsor some of the signs to display their logos and provide the colorful child-friendly graphics for venues that welcome the younger learners.

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs for Parking or Announcements

The A-frame is well known for its marketing effectiveness in the retail setting. Within institutions, you know it as a warning sign that points to wet floors and urges caution. Yet did you know that you could also use it during the back-to-school week – and even beyond? Place these signage products on the sidewalk where you allow for students to be dropped off. This is of particular interest in the elementary and middle school settings.

For the high school and college setting, these signs help students to find their parking spots while parents and visitors figure out where they may park. These A-frame signs also ensure ease of access for school buses by discouraging parents from temporarily parking in the large spaces along the curbs that are reserved for the buses.

Ordering Your School Signs and Graphics for Charlotte, NC

The Sign Factory professionals work with all types of educational facilities to create the back-to-school signs that these organizations need. We listen to your needs, incorporate the artwork that you have on file and create signs from scratch if you have an idea for something completely different. In addition, we gladly work with you on additional signage products that your campus might need. Examples include beautifying wall murals, motivational framed posters and ADA signage that helps to make your campus more accessible. Contact our professionals today for more information and to get your order started.

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