Welcome Patients with Waiting Room Wall Graphics and Murals

Your doctor’s office can be a place of apprehension and nervousness. Pediatricians know that their young patients are easier to work with when they are at ease early on. To facilitate this process, they select child-friendly waiting room wall graphics. For doctors’ offices in Charlotte, NC, this is an interior décor decision that works well in the pediatric setting as well as in any other medical discipline. If you have been thinking of outfitting your waiting room with wall graphics, what are your options?

Nature Scenes Win Big

The red and yellow tones that make up the warm color palette are ideal for a doctor’s office. Instead of displaying sterile white walls, opt for white infused with light orange hues. This warmth is welcoming and eases any apprehension a patient or caregiver may experience. Wall wraps are particularly useful in this setting because it allows us to incorporate color-matching graphics. When you already have a base wall color that works well in your setting, pair it with nature scenes. Flower stalks, stylized vines or one-wall murals featuring blooming trees are visually pleasing.

Have Fun with Animals

Life-sized decals of giraffes, bears and elephants create an attractive appeal. Matching your waiting room furniture to the colors of these animals is easy. This decal display succeeds at taking your patients’ minds off their tests and conditions. Instead, they can now refocus on the beauty and majesty of the animal kingdom. When you offer reading materials that also focus on nature and science, this combination works extremely well to divert the attention of anxious patients.

Geometric Shapes and Abstract Murals Create Visually Attractive Rooms

If you are working with a room that features some odd turns and alcoves, which is frequently the case with converted houses or older buildings, the use of geometric shapes makes it possible to gloss over unattractive room features. Draw the eye upwards with tall, narrow shapes. For a large wall, the use of round geometric shapes helps to bring definition to the look. Abstract murals give any space a contemporary feel – even if the building is right out of the 1970s.

Welcome New Patients with Your Motto

Graphics do not just include the display of items but also of lettering. When you select to show off your motto, tagline or a famous quote, you welcome new patients with a glimpse into your business model. These consumers want to know that they will receive the best care possible in your office. Demonstrate your commitment to patient care and service excellence with the written word. Rather than handing out flyers, simply state your motto on your waiting room wall.

When you are ready to discuss waiting room wall graphics in Charlotte, NC, our professionals are prepared to help. We can make sketches that show your space with a broad range of graphics products to underscore the overall décor of your patient waiting area. Whether you are redoing your waiting room, outfitting a new medical office or just want to add some visually interesting touches to the current look of the space, our graphic artists are here to serve you. Contact us today to get started.

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