We’ve Got Vehicle Wraps for Painting Contractors in Charlotte NC!

Paint One serves commercial and residential clients. Handling anything from pressure washing to popcorn ceiling removal, wood staining, and interior as well as exterior painting, these contractors combine reliable service with on-budget performance. When it came time for the business to enter the mobile marketing revolution, its management team contacted our experts to discuss the design of vehicle wraps for painting contractors in Charlotte, NC.

Red, White, and Blue Car Wrap

The family-owned business chose the tagline, “The Best Painters in Town,” for the Paint One name. The wrap we designed would have to follow suit. We put together a look that features the red, white, and blue of the logo colors in stripes. The company’s name and logo display on the doors, which we treated with white vinyl. The back features blue and includes perforated plastic for the windows, too. We added lettering that identifies the company’s niche as serving residential and commercial clients. A red stripe, with white letters, offers another niche explanation. Contact information on the side makes it possible to call the business or connect online.

How to Create a Distinct Brand Identity with a Vehicle Wrap

You already know that mobile marketing draws the eye and offers an advertising solution that costs pennies on the dollar you would spend on traditional billboards or newspaper ads. But did you also know that this product helps with the creation of a brand identity?

  • Stand out in your niche. There are plenty of painting contractors in Charlotte and its neighboring cities. Only one of them drives a vehicle with the type of wrap we put on. Others may have chosen differing wraps or graphics packages, but this setup is unique because it is entirely customized for Paint One. By presenting a marketing display that nobody else in town has, you cannot help but stand out.
  • Become known. Driving around the city quickly has folks make the connection between the vehicle with the interesting wrap and your company’s name. Before long, consumers put the two together. In so doing, you generate name recognition and become known as the company with the great wrap or, in this case, as the painting contractor with the red, white, and blue marketing message.
  • Create a reputation. The more consumers see your vehicle on the road, the more likely they are to form an opinion of your business. Studies have proven that passersby have an overall positive image of a business that relies on mobile marketing. Adding on to this message, consider that these same folks now also begin to think of you as the contractor whom many clients trusts. After all, they start recognizing your vehicle and figure that you must be very active in the local area.

How to Buy Your Mobile Marketing Product

Whether you need vehicle wraps for painting contractors in Charlotte, NC, or you are a contractor in an entirely different line of work, we can help. Contact our experts today to discuss the design of truck, car, or van wraps. We can put together full or partial wraps as well as graphics packages. Call us today to get the project started!