What Does Your Corporate Interior Say About Your Business?

You might’ve heard the classic writing advice, “Show, don’t tell.” But have you ever thought about how this applies to your branding strategy?

When you’re trying to build company identity and tell the public — as well as your employees — exactly what it is you do, you could focus on the words. Another more immediate route, though, would be to convey your identity through space itself.

A well-designed corporate interior can create the perfect atmosphere for your business, and it can help place your office in the ecosystem of similar businesses today.

Wondering what kinds of styles you can try? The Sign Factory in Charlotte is here to walk you through some of the top design types out there. Learn more and book a consultation with us for custom interior signs for business.

1. An Open Floor Plan

A traditional office plan with high cubicle walls is great for giving employees a sense of privacy and focus. However, we’ve realized in the modern age that efficiency isn’t the single best way to approach work — in fact, it’s not always the best way to approach efficiency itself!

If you want to focus on morale in the office environment and a sense of teamwork, you might end up with a better office culture. And this, in turn, could make your office more productive in the end. A work environment without barriers, or with low barriers, can let the light in and allow for easy collaboration.

An open floor plan sends the message that your office is a space for bouncing ideas off each other and working together as a team. For a design like this, you might be interested in a custom mural or a large printed phrase for a shared wall. In an open plan, statement pieces like these are nice because everyone can see them at once.

Of course, this all depends on the nature of your company. If you find that your biggest need is focus, then an open floor plan could be distracting.

2. Harmony With Nature

For a stunning piece of design, you can incorporate your architectural indoor signage with a living wall. Though the ‘green wall’ idea started as exterior design, it has now made its way into the interior world.

nature signs

For example, some commercial buildings have a wall or corner covered in thriving vegetation. They often place their company name in large lettering among the greenery, and this is all they need to do to create something spectacular.

Interior living walls take that same inspiration and aesthetic, but they place it more within a day-to-day context.

One example here is a green moss wall interior whose custom lettering we worked on for Wavespace. Like the outdoor wall concept, there’s architectural interior signage in large, simple lettering in the middle of the moss. The letters are backlit to provide a glowing look and bring the whole piece together.

3. The Industrial Look

An industrial-style design can be great even for companies that don’t need industrial elements for practical reasons.

The design can give any company a sense of doing something new. It also gives off creative energy, which is great for writers or a marketing team. Industrial elements can include exposed brick, large metal pipes, and visible scaffolding on the ceiling or sides.

When the office itself looks like it’s ‘in the works,’ this can help inspire the people inside it to come up with ideas that will change everything. If you want to add some custom decoration to an industrial-look interior, we can help you add a brushed metal print of something inspiring. This can be a photo, text, or both, and we can even add a sepia tone for you.

4. A Minimalist Corporate Interior

It’s important to look at the aesthetics of your workplace in context. There are three levels here: What does the space feel like to the employees, what does it say about the company’s identity, and how does the design fit with similar companies?

This isn’t to say that you need to follow the crowd here. But it’s good to know what your office design will remind people of.

Many new startups and companies designed for younger generations are going with a minimalist look right now. This means white walls, glass where possible, and a large space-to-content ratio. A design like this will place your company among the newer crop of office spaces.

For a lettering and signage option that won’t disrupt your airy look, you can try window graphics. This way, you can build wayfinding into a window or other glass surface while keeping the same smooth, calm appearance.

5. Bright and Colorful

For a complete twist on the minimalist look, some corporate interiors have bright colors that tell you a story about the goals of the business. While white walls can give any interior a “universal” look or a museum-style quality, bursts of color can help you define the identity of your office.

For example, some companies, like Twitter and Google, are known for the specific colors on their website. For Twitter, it’s that telltale shade of light blue, and for Google, it’s the combination of primary colors and bright green. If you take a look inside these companies’ offices, you’ll see these colors on the walls, and sometimes even on the furniture.

Google even has three-dimensional interior signage in the same colors you see on its logo. The 3D effect, coupled with the familiar colors, can change a simple desk or wall into something much more dynamic. This brings together the company’s identity in offices all over the world.

For a tech company in the modern age, these simple, bright colors are a way to set you apart from older companies that like to give off a more ‘serious’ look.

What Will Your Interior Say?

The design elements of a corporate interior can be your way to establish the feel of your workplace culture before the people even arrive. Are you looking to join the ranks of newer startups, give off an ecological aura, or promote team-building? You can start accomplishing all of these goals with a great office aesthetic and the right custom interior signs.

And for all your indoor signage needs, we’ve got your back. Just give us a call or request a consultation with The Sign Factory in Charlotte, and we’ll be happy to work with you to create your vision and get you the perfect custom interior signs for business.