What Elements Should All Exterior Building Signs Possess in Charlotte?

What does your outdoor signage need? How can you make our exterior markers stand out more? These – and other – questions are frequently encountered and answered by the friendly professionals at the Sign Factory. Due to the vital importance of exterior building signs, Charlotte, NC, business owners have a good reason to be concerned. Here are the most frequently asked questions – and their answers – with respect to must-have elements.

Q: Does the mounting location of my exterior building sign really matter?

A: Yes, it does. It looks deceptively simple to just install a marker near the corner of the building or right above the entryway. And this may be appropriate for your setting. But there are actually quite a few considerations that go into this decision. The line of sight from the street, the height of nearby trees and even the height of parking trucks make a difference. Every outdoor sign should be mounted at a height that makes it easy for motorists and pedestrians to see it at all times. In some cases, this might mean that you need to mount a lightbox cabinet to a pole. In other cases, you may be able to move away from a cabinet sign and go with lettering.

Q: I know that size matters, but how big is too big?

A: Adequate size for the location is another element all exterior signage solutions must possess. A billboard-sized sign is perfect when you plan on installing it on your roof where it markets to a nearby highway. A much smaller setup is perfect when you have a two-story office building. When you are setting up shop in a mixed-zone neighborhood, a smaller sign is actually better suited to blend in.

Q: Should my sign be lit or unlit?

A: Illumination is a crucial aspect of effective outdoor signage. But this does not necessarily mean that you need to opt for a lit sign. Although lightbox cabinets and lit channel letter markers are ideal for drawing the eye, you can still get quite a bit of attention with dimensional letters that are lit from an exterior light source. The same is true for monument signs. Built-in lights make it easy to simply put the marker on a timer and let it light up at pre-defined times. Landscape lighting can be trickier to control, but it can be done with a timer as well. Just make sure that the lights are perfectly angled at all times.

Q: Should my letters contrast or complement the building’s color?

A: Your instinct might say that they should complement the color, but this is only partially correct. In fact, a good deal of contrast is another must-have element for a great outdoor sign. While you do not want to stand out like a sore thumb, you do want to grab the consumer’s eye and direct the attention away from the façade and to the marker.

Q: What about the signage maker? Does it matter whom I choose?

A: You bet! All great building signs Charlotte, NC, companies have had installed have one thing in common: a signage professional who knows how to size, illuminate, contrast and place the exterior building sign. When you drive around the local business areas, you will find our handiwork in quite a few places. Call our friendly professionals today to find out what we can do for your business! We are happy to offer free quotes!

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