What Information Should Be Included on Charlotte Business Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics have been proven to be an effective branding and marketing tool for businesses all over the United States, including the Carolina’s. This is why we see an ever-increasing amount of vehicle wraps, lettering and decals on vehicles these days.

This decision to invest in this eye-catching tool leads to more decisions. One of those more important decisions is what information should be included on your business vehicle graphics.

Vehicle graphics are only as effective as the design and information on them. If you have too much information, these graphics can appear cluttered and people are not attracted to clutter. If you have too little information, potential customers may not know what your services or products are or they may not know how to contact you.

Here are some tips of what to include on your mobile advertising:

  • Business name: When people take notice of your vehicle graphics, it is important that they are notified of your business name. Without your name, they can not identify you. Of course, this information is one of the most obvious to include.
  • Logo: Every business should have a logo. A logo attracts people and helps people remember your business. Since people are visually inclined, a logo helps keep yours in their mind. Your logo is what people usually see before they even notice your business name. So, make sure that your logo is on every piece of branding and marketing that you have, including your vehicle.
  • Phone number: Having a phone is vital so that people can contact you. A vanity number that is easy to remember is recommended. If a person is interested in your services or products having a number that is easy to recall will ensure more phone calls.
  • Services or Products: Placing what you offer on your vehicle will help people understand how you can serve them. We usually recommend only three of your services or products. If you list more than three, your vehicle can appear cluttered. Therefore, figure out which are most important for your business.

The above information is must-haves for vehicle advertising. However, some other information may be beneficial as well. Here are some others that may be added:

  • Website – if you have a website that is very informative and can convert to email leads or orders.
  • Tagline – Not necessary, but if it is short and sweet and many people find it catchy, then this may be a wise addition.

Mobile advertising is a smart move for today’s Charlotte businesses. The Sign Factory is here to help you with smart vehicle wrap branding that will get you noticed. Give us a call at 704-321-0040.

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