What Is Architectural Signage (And Why Do I Need It?)

Have you ever arrived for an appointment on time, only to realize the building is a maze of unlabeled hallways? Nothing is more frustrating than being delayed by bad architectural signage.

Signage is the first opportunity for businesses to make an impression on in-person visitors. Unfortunately, it’s rarely given the consideration it deserves.

That’s where architectural signage comes in. Architectural signage companies aim to create beautiful, practical solutions that enhance the guest experience. They go above and beyond what typical commercial signage companies offer.

But what exactly is architectural signage, and why is it worth the investment? Read on to learn more about the industry and how quality signage can improve visitors’ perception of your brand.

What Is Architectural Signage?

Most of the signage you see on a daily basis is commercial. Commercial signage is affordable, mass-produced, and has a limited lifespan. It often uses bright colors to attract attention and doesn’t follow brand style guidelines closely.

Architectural signage can be a difficult concept to grasp. Basically, it is custom, high-quality signage that enhances your brand. It is built to last and blends with your physical space. It goes beyond advertising and becomes part of the decor, not a distraction from it.

Like hiring a professional brand development team, it is an investment in your company’s image. Examples of architectural signage can be found on college campuses, government office buildings, and in hospitals and hotels.

The best architectural signage integrates your brand identity, your building’s architecture, and your logistical needs. It can be used in various ways – to communicate directions, create privacy, or set a specific mood.

Elevate Your Brand

The signage you choose says a lot more about your company than the actual words it displays. Cheap materials and fonts or colors that don’t match your brand can seem like careless choices. Careless probably isn’t the first impression you want to make.

On the other hand, architectural signage can elevate your space and send visitors a message about your high standards. Colors, textures, and patterns can all add warmth, personality, and style to a room.

Great signage design can make a cement parking garage feel luxurious, so imagine what you can do with your building.

Build It to Last

Architectural signage is designed to be permanent. The initial investment is slightly higher than what you might pay for commercial signage, but it is built to last.

The high-end materials used to construct architectural signage are usually inspired by those already found in your building. Think stainless steel, glass, stone, wood, and other natural construction materials.

Skilled craftsmen install it with careful attention to detail, so the quality is unmistakable, even up-close.

There are no visible fasteners or seams used in architectural signage construction, so you can expect it to look sleek and remain leak-free. You shouldn’t notice any cracking, peeling, or fading that are common problems with old commercial signage.

There’s not much maintenance required, and it will look good for years.

Set the Mood

Wall graphics and murals can completely change the feel of your space. Corporate offices often use color therapy to set a specific mood. Did you know green can inspire a sense of harmony and balance? Consider installing a forest landscape mural to create a spa-like atmosphere and help visitors and employees relax.

If your business has a louder personality, it’s possible to add energizing pops of color. Thought-provoking or motivational quotes can also communicate your company’s ethos to guests.

Work with your architectural signage designer to explore how different fonts, colors, and textures can help you construct the perfect environment for your team and clients.

Share Your Story

Architectural signage can tell inspiring stories about your brand, with or without words. A beautiful donor wall is a perfect way to highlight the good causes your company supports and honor those who contribute. Murals can feature past athletic achievements at any high school or college.

Digital displays and decals are also great storytelling formats. There are even interactive options. Ask a custom signage consultant to help you translate your story into a visual masterpiece.

Privacy Please


If you’re setting up a new space, privacy is an important consideration. Glass walls and doors can make an office feel open and airy, but there are times when employees need shelter from the commotion.

Window graphics are one way to create private spaces without taking on a significant renovation project. An architectural signage company can help you identify a solution that matches your brand’s look and feel.

Create a Seamless Experience

Navigating your building shouldn’t be stressful for visitors. Using architectural signage to provide a smooth experience will reduce client frustration and save you time. You won’t have to pause every few minutes to give directions!

Wayfinding signage doesn’t have to be distracting or tacky. There are plenty of materials and designs that can make your office look better, not worse.

Digital kiosks can also provide information in real-time, in case you need to change your messaging regularly or give special instructions.

You should aim for your guests to leave the building thinking, “that was so easy!”

Comply with Codes

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires all businesses to provide signage that can be read by individuals with hearing, vision, or other sensory disabilities.

Most architectural signage companies have to experience planning and installing ADA compliant signage. They can help you make sure your building is up to code and safe for everyone who visits.

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How your business looks sends a clear message to your visitors, and signage is an integral part of the visual experience. With so many innovative materials and products available today, it’s easy to make your space inviting and easy to navigate.

Working with a professional architectural signage company to create a beautiful, functional signage plan will delight your clients and put you steps ahead of the competition. It will also help you show off your company’s personality, boosting brand understanding and recognition.

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