What Kind of Car Wraps in Charlotte NC Are Right For You?

The options for car wraps are as varied as the types of cars on the road. As you’ll see later in this blog, the possibilities for your car wraps in Charlotte NC are usually limited only by the imagination.

First, however, we thought you might want some data. Just how effective are Charlotte vehicle wraps?

The Power Of Vehicle Wraps In Charlotte NC

  • 91% of drivers surveyed stated they notice vehicle wraps.
  • Wrapped vehicles can generate 30,000 to 70,000 local impressions daily.
  • To generate the same number of impressions as a $3,500 vehicle wrap, a company would need to spend $130,000 in traditional advertising.

The numbers are compelling! If you have a business in Charlotte, vehicle wraps can make a big difference. Next, let’s look at the types of car wraps available to you.

Vinyl Decals & Lettering

Here is a terrific way to advertise your business and build your brand, with lower costs and quick turnaround times. Vinyl decals and lettering can create a powerful visual impression in a relatively small amount of space.  For the above car wrap, Charlotte restaurant Genghis Grill asked us to create vinyl decals that would stand out on their vehicle fleet. The bright, powerful colors contrast wonderfully against the silver finish.

Another benefit of vinyl decals or lettering is that they’re relatively easy to update, change, expand or remove.

Partial Car Wraps In Charlotte NC

With partial vehicle wraps, your design possibilities expand. The Sign Factory will use the shape and contours of your vehicle to add extra visual interest and enhance your branding power.

Check out these vehicle wraps in Charlotte NC! Restoration experts, Response Team 1, requested partial vehicle wraps that would perfectly complement their brand’s green and white color scheme. We also used the vehicle’s body contours to create a graceful curve that runs the length of the vehicle, touching the top edge of the wheel well for further impact.

Full Charlotte Vehicle Wraps

With a full car wrap, Charlotte businesses can let their imaginations run wild. Moe’s Southwest Grill ordered full vehicle wraps with plenty of colorful graphics and informative text. These Charlotte vehicle wraps tell the viewer plenty about the restaurant, including:

  • Appetizing food photos.
  • Brief descriptions of services such as catering.
  • Company slogans (“Moe knows burritos!”).

Your Car Wraps In Charlotte NC Experts

Ready to “drive” more business with Charlotte vehicle wraps? The Sign Factory is your local expert source. Contact us today to book your consultation!