What Retail Store Signs Jump Start the Summer Sales Season Best?

There are five distinct retail store signs Mint Hill, NC, entrepreneurs should not be without this year. Do you know what they are?

1. Sidewalk Sale Signage

Add retail space to your store by conducting a sidewalk sale. These products are ideal for summer and may be examples of your less expensive merchandise. By seeing the low prices on these goods, many a pedestrian becomes a shopper who also enters your store to see more. We recommend advertising the sidewalk sale with A-frames that you place into the path of foot traffic as well as window graphics that advertise the day and time of event.

2. Ceiling Banners

We suggest the use of vertical banners rather than the horizontal ones. Condense your message in a way that focuses on the highlights. Examples include verbiage such as “nothing held back,” “everything 35% off” or simply “Sale.” When you run buy-one-get-one-free sales, make sure to include a ceiling banner that proclaims “free!” This is a great way to kick off the summer sale season.

3. Window Graphics

Nothing captures the eye of motorists and pedestrians alike as a colorful window graphic. When you need to rely on your windows to display your products, vinyl window lettering and a few graphics will do. When you do not necessarily need the glass panes, consider the installation of a perforated vinyl covering that features a colorful and visually interesting sales message. For example, the use of a formal sales message that appears ripped and provides a peek inside a store with a lot of sales activity going on is one such visually interesting graphic that is sure to get quite a bit of attention.

4. Point of Sale Shelf Signs

Identify the deep discounts that you offer by using point of sale signs. These come in all sizes and shapes. We recommend the use of a varying sizes and shapes. Smaller round sizes easily attach to your shelves and present the sales message. Larger signage may take on the form of a ceiling-mounted banner that hangs right above the entrance to the aisle with the products on sale. Point of sale signs can also be educational and help consumers identify excellent product pairings. Examples include wine and cheese pairings as well as children’s clothing combinations. These would be framed posters displayed with stands or affixed to the shelves.

5. Banners

Envision a full façade banner that advertises your summer sale’s start. Yet rather than choosing the typical horizontal banners, consider the use of a much larger vertical banner product. It is possible to co-brand your store’s information with the names and logos of your most popular products. In the alternative, rely on the highly visible color contrast of white on red to get your message out. This type of banner grabs the eye and demands attention.

When you are ready to commission the types of sale signs Mint Hill, NC, simply cannot resist, contact the signage specialists at the Sign Factory. We look forward to helping you kick off the summer sales season in style.

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