What’s Best: LED vs. Neon Channel Letter Signs?

The Sign Factory experts get quite a few questions about LED vs. neon signs for Charlotte. Which product is more effective, lasts longer and is overall more cost-friendly to operate? When a sign needs maintenance, which version is easier to maintain? While it is true that in the past it was the neon light that stole the show, the advent of affordably priced LEDs has changed the balance. In fact, neon lighting for signage products is pretty much on the way out.

LEDs are Sturdy

While neon tubes are notorious for breaking even when the sign installer is still on the road to the appointment, LEDs can survive rough handling, road bumps and light jarring. Sturdiness translates into longevity, which saves you money on service calls and signs maintenance appointments. With an average useful life that is measured in the upper tens of thousands of hours, it is clear that you are not going to have to call us for a good long time.

Cheaper to Operate

LED channel letter signs need less electricity. In addition, a smaller transformer and an increased efficiency work together to turn an energy hog of a sign into one that is noticeably cheaper to keep lit. Since illumination from LEDs is also much more focused than the light emitted by neon tubes, you will need fewer of these bulbs. Again, these are savings that you are sure to notice when opening the utility bill.

Environmentally Friendly

Neon tubes are notorious for their mercury content. When a tube breaks, it cannot just be disposed off in the trash. Rather, it needs to be carefully treated and properly cleaned up. Getting in contact with the mercury is dangerous. The proper treatment of damaged tubes is expensive. LEDs are not subject to this type of requirement. Being sturdier than their neon counterparts, they are easy to clean up if they do break.

Discovering LED Signs

We cannot chime in on the debate over neon vs. LED channel letter signs for Charlotte without touching on the nostalgia. Neon tubes were there when pool rooms opened, bars enticed their customers to enter and arcades beckoned to countless teens. But signage products have moved on. What used to be considered top of the line material is now little more than a gradually outdated lighting option. Unless you are still insisting on hitching up a horse to your carriage or handwriting all of your invoices and business correspondence, this is just one more upgrade that is ready to be enjoyed.

Talk to our signage professionals today for more information on budget-friendly LEDs and their many uses. We work with you to discover how this product can transform your building’s façade and even provides some interesting interior applications. Channel letters may be commonly associated with exterior wayfinding, marketing and branding, but there is a movement afoot to bring this product also inside the business venues. Find out more about the safety of LEDs, their great looks and how this type of lighting is not just for the channel letter setup but also for other products. Its level of versatility will surprise you.

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