Why Are Channel Letters in Mint Hill NC So Popular?

With a homeownership rate of about 81 percent, Mint Hill is an excellent location for a new business. Not surprisingly, those companies that have been setting up shop there tend to stay. When you look around the business park area, the shopping centers, and other locales, you notice plenty of channel letters in Mint Hill, NC. Why are these signs the ones merchants favor? Your questions – answered.

Illumination Supports Wayfinding

Channel letters are the quintessential wayfinding tools. When they light up after dark, they make your business easy to find.

  • Front-lit. When you allow the light to escape through the polycarbonate fronts of the letters, the lighting adds boldness to the colorful display you chose. For example, if you picked red and yellow for your company’s colors, they light up for heightened visibility.
  • Back-lit. Darker lettering creates an excellent contrast during daylight hours. When the light shines through the backs of the letters after dark, it bathes them in a halo of brightness. This type of presentation is sophisticated and eye-catching.

Other illumination options include open-face designs that mimic the old neon signs and combinations of front and back-lit letters, which give the business owner the great look of bold colors and a halo.

Installation to Any Facade is Possible

For the business location with a building front that allows easy access to the backs of the channel letters, we can flush-mount the products right to the wall. It looks neat and lets you play around a little with the components for differing heights. When access is not as easy to achieve, or the building’s owner prefers not to have us drill three to five holes per letter, we offer different installation choices.

  • Raceway. The raceway mount is a slim, elongated box that contains all the electrical components of the sign. Unless you request otherwise, we usually paint the raceway to be the exact color of the façade, which almost makes it disappear against the backdrop. Next, we mount the letters to the front of the box. For this installation, we only need to drill a few holes and can access the electrical components of the signage from the front.
  • Panel. Another option is the panel installation. If the colors of your building’s wall and the tones of the letters create an appearance that is either too similar or does not match well, the panel acts as a visual buffer. It offers us an opportunity to select a contrasting color that matches both tones for the presentation of a sign that stands out.

Buying Channel Letters in Mint Hill, NC

If we have inspired you to consider channel letters for your next building sign, or perhaps to replace an outdated product with a sleek set of this lettering, contact our signage specialists for assistance. We gladly visit your location to take measurements, gauge accessibility of the electrical components with a flush mount, and take a closer look at the makeup of your façade. After sketching out the appearance of the marker and getting your approval, we handle the permitting, manufacturing, and installation.

Let’s schedule your design consultation today!