Why Are Peachtree Monument Signs So Popular for Charlotte?

Your personalized monument sign is a beacon to motorists. Essential when your business is set back from the street even a little, it is also vital for any company that wants to draw attention to its location. While there are a variety of different styles and manufacturing methods, the up and coming product lines are Peachtree monument signs. Charlotte, NC, business community members have recognized that these foam monuments are as durable and attractive as those markers made from other materials. Is this product right for you?

Poly-Armor finishing. The EPS foam core is protected with a poly-armor finishing. This material is a mix of plastic and foam. As a result, it becomes a hard shell that improves impact resistance and ensures a long durability of the monument marker.

Resists nature. Is your location subject to strong winds? Peachtree monument signs can resist winds up to 180 miles per hour. In addition, these markers are impervious to moisture, burrowing bugs and rot. These are frequently problematic for other types of signage materials.

The wide variety of styles. Another benefit of using a Peachtree model is the ready availability of more than 50 styles and designs. This cuts down on manufacturing time. Of course, if none of these markers appeal to you, we can go ahead and design a specialized look for your business.

Add faux stones or bricks. If you love the look of bricks or stones, these monument sign models allow for the addition of hand-sculpted faux stones or bricks. After their manufacture, they are treated with the poly-armor hard coat as well. This ensures that the embellishments will be just as durable as the marker itself. Whether you like the look of river rocks, field stones or brownstone bricks, there are a number of specialized designs that help you marker to stand out while blending in with the neighborhood and landscape. Another treatment option is the spray-on stone finish. It can make the exterior of the monument sign look like it is made from rock stone, Sedona red stone of the more common white ash stone.

Message part options. Charlotte businesses have different needs when it comes to the message portion of the monument sign. Many do well with a message portion that features raised or recessed graphics and simply identifies the name of the business and its logo. Others want to add a bit of advertising space. This can be done with an interchangeable copy board or a LED message center. Control your daily message and advertise brands, sales and specials.

We understand that the choices are plentiful. Since this attractive and cost-effective monument marker solution is becoming more and more popular in the area, why not call the friendly Peachtree sign experts at the Sign Factory. We gladly answer all of your questions, show you the available designs, sketch a completely different design if you like and also answer your questions with respect to cost estimates. When only the most cost-effective and attractive marker will do, the Peachtree brand might just be what you want to take a closer look at.

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