Why Jump on Mobile Marketing? Vehicle Graphics Work in Charlotte!

Did you know that Charlotte is the state’s largest city? Not surprisingly, marketplace competition for the consumer dollar is fierce. Whether you are a retailer, service provider, or contractor, you need every advantage to stand out from local competitors. Our clients have found that vehicle graphics work in Charlotte, NC.

Why Mobile Marketing with Vehicle Graphics Leads to Successes

If you had the opportunity to meet your targeted demographic wherever these consumers may be found and then encourage them to connect with your branding and marketing messages, would you do it? In simplest terms, this approach is at the heart of a mobile marketing campaign.

  • Mobility. Your marketing message displays where you choose. With a billboard ad, your location only addresses those consumers who drive or walk past the structure. Nobody else sees your message there. Since these graphics go wherever you take a treated vehicle, you are in control of the message display’s location. For example, if there is a big event in the Uptown area, drive your van there and be a visible presence. If Moe’s Southwest Grill were to take its fully wrapped vehicle there, it would stand out perfectly.
  • Flexibility. Choose from a full wrap or a partial wrap. Opt for a vehicle graphics package with lettering; Triathlawn Landscaping has excellent success with its setup. Then again, you may choose to present your information with spot graphics or lettering only. You are in the driver’s seat of your mobile marketing campaign’s look and expense.
  • Adaptability. It is a common misconception that you need a particular type of vehicle for this kind of marketing campaign. In fact, we can treat any kind of car, truck, van, or scooter you can bring in. We also add mobile marketing messages to planes, buses, long-haul rigs, trailers, and boats. (Case in point is the boat wrap with an intricate graphic design we did not too long ago.) If you operate a fleet with multiple vehicles makes and models, we can easily adapt the message display to suit each size and setup.

Who Uses Vehicle Graphics in Charlotte, NC?

Perhaps the better question would be who does not? We have worked with niche retailers who want to spread the word about their product lines. For newcomers to their niches, our graphic artists have put together vehicle wraps that introduce the company’s name and branding to the public. In this manner, these new businesses hit the ground running and actively compete with long-established companies from day one.

Fabulous Cleaning Services had us treat two Scions with a two-thirds vehicle wrap, which makes these vehicles stand out wherever the drivers take them. The owners of Closets by Design like the idea that we were able to incorporate an eye-catching three-dimensional design with a graphics and lettering package. When this work van now drives through the streets of a neighborhood, folks stop to look at the 3D image.

When you are ready to enjoy these kinds of results, you are prepared to jump on mobile marketing. Contact our experts today to schedule a design consultation.