Why Should I Consider Wall Graphics or Murals for My Restaurant?

More and more restaurant owners are stepping away from the tried and true paint bucket in favor of wall mural or graphics installations. What do these restaurateurs know that you may not yet have noticed? The Sign Factory experts have some answers that might benefit your eatery, too, when considering murals and wall graphics for restaurants in Charlotte, NC.

Customization Underscores Branding

You operate a wine bar. By customizing the wall surfaces with murals, and some furnishings with graphics, you not only create an atmosphere conducive to enjoying fine wines, but you also communicate your branding message. Display images of vineyards, pins on a map where your wines come from and whole-wall images of a wine cellar to get folks in a relaxed mood. You quickly become known in the community because of your ambiance.

Create an Impression

What is the impression that you want to give? Being thought leaders in a niche is always a good image to project. In the restaurant business, it makes sense to highlight awards that your chef, sommelier or venue has won. Devote a wall to the display of graphics highlighting these achievements. When you want to appear busy, some restaurateurs have discovered that a simple wall mural depicting guests enjoying food and drinks at the venue pays off. Sure, everyone knows that this is just an image, but remember that it creates an impression nevertheless.

Bring Texture to the Decor

Depending on the material that you select for the graphics, you may be able to choose from smooth textures with light sheen or matte finishes as well as from those with light texturing and even a sparkly finish. With the right lighting setup, the texturing can be an incredible asset to your overall interior décor. Best of all, you do not need to invest in costly artwork to make this look happen.

Create Name and Brand Awareness

We have already discussed branding, but did you know that generating name awareness is just as important in the restaurant business? Unless you are the only sushi restaurant in a 20-mile radius, there is a good chance that you have plenty of competition. In addition, many sushi places use a similar decorative style. Doing so can make it difficult for guests to remember the name of the eatery where they had a fantastic mackerel sushi roll. When you work the name of your business into the wall décor, perhaps via subliminal imagery on a wall wrap, you succeed in communicating the name of your company repeatedly.

Discuss Your Order of Graphics and Wall Murals for Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

When you are ready to explore the benefits of using this signage technology at your venue, discuss your questions and plans with our graphic artists. We gladly visit you at your business to create some sketches that show you what the finished product could look like on your walls. We work with you or your management team to decide on colors, finishes and materials that highlight your eatery and its products. Contact us today to get started.

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