Why Use Electronic Message Centers for Charlotte Businesses

In a city as large as Charlotte, businesses may face the problem of blending in with one another. Your business requires remarkable outreach to its customers and electronic message centers will deliver just that. They are made to withstand all kinds of outdoor elements like snow, rain and direct sunlight.

There are many different types of electronic message centers; also known as EMCs, and features as far as size and characteristics. When it comes to the size, it depends on where it will be located. The further the viewers will be, the larger the sign needs to be in order to be readable.

These are so many benefits to using EMCs for your business.

  • You are not limited to one message.
  • You can easily change your message as often as you like.
  • No need to worry about the expense of replacing letters, parts or labor.
  • They are capable of storing and displaying different messages and images to automatically show at different durations of time.
  • They provide greater flexibility with getting your brand and message out to the public than most other types of marketing tools.
  • In a sense, they are your companies “salesman” by attracting more customers to your business.
  • EMCs are also a convenient way to advertise specials or products while also providing information that may be of public interest.
  • Considering that these can be seen from a further distance that some other types of signage, they can draw people in from further away.
  • Another huge factor is safety. These are a much safer option over the changeable letter signs that have to be done manually and pose a risk to an employee getting struck by a car on a busy street.

The LED lights that are used to illuminate EMC signs can lower your operating costs by about eighty percent over the old ones that use incandescent systems. This alone can entice a business to use them.

They are also low maintenance and have lower labor cost than other forms of advertising. With the animation and bright full-color displays, they are far more superior to monochrome displays.

Electronic messaging centers are one of the most popular advertising tools on the market due to their versatility. Another thing to think about is that they are nicer to look at than the changeable letter signs. How have times you driven past one of those and seen that the plastic letters have fallen down? This factor alone can improve the appearance of your business.

Many types of businesses use EMCs to promote their company like restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships, fast food restaurants and salons. The Sign Factory has the experience and knowledge needed for proper installation of electronic message centers. Call today at 704-321-0040 for a quote or to talk with one of our experts.

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