Woodie’s Auto Service Brands with Building Signs and Vehicle Graphics!

Woodie’s is an institution among car care providers. What started in 1963 as an Esso station is now a multi-location service operation with – among other locations – an 18-bay service facility at 6500 South Boulevard and an ultramodern facility at 6625 Carmel Road. Whether a vehicle owner needs to have a mandated NC State inspection, a commercial fleet service or a brake repair done, Woodie’s is a name that everyone trusts. When it came time to add some auto repair exterior building signage for Charlotte, NC, the company’s management team contacted the Sign Factory.

Professional Signage

Building signs. Displaying the Woodie’s name and logo as well as the niche, we created an iconic marker that hangs outside near the roofline of the location. It is in the well known red, blue and white colors.

Informative posters. You already know that Woodie’s performs vehicle emissions and safety inspections, but there are still some folks who may not be aware of this fact. We created a weather-resistant informative poster that highlights this information – against a branded backdrop – and also lists the official inspection station number.

Vehicle graphics. In Charlotte, NC, customer service is king and a courtesy shuttle emphasizes a car repair operation’s commitment to this promise. Woodie’s is no exception. We took the company’s courtesy shuttle vehicle and added the name and logo to the sides, front and back as well as the locations and phone numbers to the windows as graphics. There is also the website address that helps consumers to get more information about the service station that is closest to them.

Be Visible!

Is your service business this visible? Woodie’s is not taking any chances. Even though the company has been in business since 1963, the management team knows that resting on its laurels is not the way to stay competitive. If you have been a service business since the early 1960s, you should consider taking a page from Woodie’s playbook. And, if your company is considerably younger than Woodie’s, can you really afford not to advertise, brand and market like a pro?

Our friendly building sign and vehicle graphics consultants gladly discuss your marker needs and offer advice on effective marker placement and – where needed – upgrades and refurbishments. This is particularly important if you added new vehicles to your fleet, opened new locations or expanded the services menu of your venue. For example, if you just recently opened a car wash at your vehicle services station, make sure that there is signage to reflect this new addition. Moreover, if you are adding more courtesy shuttles – or even if you are just putting the first one on the road – be sure to get out the word.

If you are thinking of redefining your look and perhaps changing the appearance of your logo and company name display, we can help you there, too. Re-branding is a common practice that helps long-established companies look fresh and appeal to modern consumer tastes. When your logo looks outdated, a simple change in color, font or even just display style can make a huge difference.

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