Working in Weddington NC? You Need Contractor Yard Signs!

The majority of Weddington is situated in Union County. Although a small town, it is home to a large number of contractors. For example, did you know that there are more than 360 landscape contractors listed in the area? When you are in the contracting business, it makes sense to make your presence known. One tool for doing so involves the use of yard signs.

Everything You Need to Know about Contractor Yard Signs for Weddington, NC

The contractor yard sign is an excellent marketing tool that you cannot afford to overlook. When a job takes you to a customer’s home, it is easy to advertise to neighbors with the help of your vehicle vinyl graphics or wrap. Yet after you leave for the evening, who continues to market your business? For a multi-day job, contractor yard signs do the work of spreading your name.

  • Quick to set up. The majority of sign designs call for metal yard stakes that hold the sturdy corrugated plastic in place. Simply take the sign out of your trunk and stick it into the ground. Professionals display it in the yard of the consumer or on a median grass strip.
  • Durable. Whether hit by a sprinkler system, displayed in the full sun or subjected to a sudden downpour, these signs look great and handle what nature throws at them.
  • Useful for name recognition. When you are trying to build name recognition, let your work speak for itself. Help its message along by providing onlookers with the name and logo of your business as well as contact information.
  • Branding assistance. If you do work that is not readily visible from the street or is highly specialized, consider the use of contractor yard signs that spell out your niche and branding message.

We also recommend the use of two-sided signs. You never know when your only display option places the sign with the back against a structure or facing oncoming traffic. By having both sides of the sign imprinted, you are ready to market to anyone who is there to see the signage product. This signage solution is ideal for roofers, solar panel installers, landscapers, general contractors, audio-visual component installers and pool companies.

Discussing Your Signage Setup with the Experts

The Sign Factory routinely serves business clients who are not entirely certain how to approach the contractor yard sign purchase. There is the preconceived notion that all yard signs look pretty much the same. This is simply not the case. For example, we can manufacture signs in the shape of your logo. Ideal for display in your customers’ yards, they enhance your branding message. Other options include the use of popping colors, unusual displays – height versus width – and the addition of special offer riders.

When you need contractor yard signs for Weddington, NC, we can help. Our graphic artists look over the artwork that you have on file to create a perfect color match for your other business signage. This enhances name awareness when consumers see your building sign after also noticing your yard signs. Call us today to get started!

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