You Can’t Go Wrong with Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Huntersville NC

Doing business in town attracts not only the local consumer but also prospective customers from nearby Charlotte and surrounding locations. Are you ready to woo buyers or clients from all areas with your signage setup? One of the most effective signs you can use to encapsulate your brand message and ensure that its meaning is not lost on the consumer is the display you put in your reception area. In particular, acrylic panel lobby signs in Huntersville, NC, are a surefire selection.

Dress up the Board with Dimensional Letters and a Frosted Vinyl Overlay

To the untrained eye, the acrylic board mounted with aluminum standoffs seems like it naturally belongs in the space. To you, getting it to look just right is a labor of love. Producing the product calls for finesse.

  • Clear acrylic panel. The design starts with a clear acrylic board. We cut it into a length that looks perfect on your wall. From there, we adjust the other style elements to follow suit.
  • Vinyl overlay. You know frosted vinyl because you may already be using it as a privacy film on your glass partitions. In this scenario, we use it to overlay the front of the product and give it a matte appearance with just a bit of texture.
  • Dimensional letters. Opt for acrylic, metal, or PVC for these layout pieces. We affix them directly to the panel without any standoffs. There, they look professional and spell out your message. Because the installation technique clears some space between the wall and the board, the letters now create a slight shadow.

Understated Elegance Presents Beautifully with Vintage Furnishings

In this scenario, we once again start with a transparent acrylic board. For the mounting, we use polished aluminum standoffs. We present your company’s information with an imprinted vinyl overlay or a direct print on the acrylic itself. The trick to success is the use of three-dimensional style elements that seem to pop out from the logo board. Another alternative is the use of vinyl letters and a manufactured 3D logo portion featuring painted PVC or – for a more impressive presentation – sign foam.

Add Color Matches to Tie in the Overall Ambiance of the Office Setting

Brand yourself as the business that uses style to its advantage. Combined with a bit of innovation, your sign communicates that you think outside the box. Case in point is a transparent acrylic board that features your company’s name and logo with imprinted vinyl lettering and a logo graphic. Mounted with standoffs to a wooden board that mimics the color chosen for your office furnishings or accent pieces, the look ties together the overall appearance of the setting. But there is another reason why this approach works well: the wall’s color. If the tone is too light or too dark to let the lettering stand out sufficiently, the use of a board with the right contrast hue makes sense.

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