3 Types of Illuminated Signs That Will Make Your Charlotte Business Shine!

Can your customers find your business in a crowded strip mall or industrial park? Even if they know where you are located, they may still have trouble finding your building if it does not stand out from the others.

As the Charlotte sun sets, you want to make sure your business is still shining brightly. How many times have you been driving around looking for a store only to pass by it ten times because the sign is so small or just does not stand out? Illuminated signs from The Sign Factory can help solve this issue. Whether it is during the day or at night illuminated signs can help passers-by find your business. In industrial parks or strip malls, it can be especially difficult to find the building you need due to the buildings being so close together. Make sure your business can be seen easily in the bright Charlotte sunshine or the dark nights. During the day illuminated signs can be seen due to the bursts of color on them. At night, unless lit up, the colors will not be seen and therefore you may lose customers. Illuminated signs can be helpful to any business; retail, warehouses or business offices.

Here are some options to consider for your business.

Lightbox cabinet signs: These are very versatile as they come in different sizes and shapes. Also, something to consider is that they can be attached to a pole, mounted to your building or displayed as a monument sign. These are a great option to guide visitors in from the street or from across a busy highway during the day or at night as they are highly visible.

Monument marker with lightbox sign: Use these to not only identify your business but to guide customers to the parking area. Placed in the right spot on your property, these are easily seen by drivers. Whether it is a garage or parking lot, these signs are a must-have in business parks or retail locations. Do not let your customers or clients accidentally pass by your building because you do not have the proper signage on it.

Channel letter marker: There are several ways of lighting channel markers. One is to illuminate the front for a colorful display; the other is to let the light flee thru the back to create a subtle look. Choosing the right thickness will help to create an attractive display of shadows and lights on the building’s exterior.

As with all of our products illuminated signs are durable enough to stand up to Charlotte sun and other outdoor elements.

Do not make the mistake of letting your company go unseen! You simply cannot afford to leave your customers in the dark anymore. Our professionals at The Sign Factory are ready to help make your Charlotte business shine. Call or make an appointment today at 704-321-0040.