4 Exterior Signs to Consider for 2015 in Charlotte

It is the end of the year. This is the time when the majority of businesses look at their advertising and signage budgets. Have you started this type of review yet? If not, now is a good time to start planning for the next year with an eye on exterior signs to consider for 2015. In Charlotte, this usually means that it is time to install – perhaps for the first time – or refurbish four must-have markers.

1. Monument Sign

The monument sign is geared toward the driver. Located near the entrance of your parking lot and easily visible for the motorist driving down the street, this sign offers a mix of wayfinding convenience and branding opportunity. Monument markers have evolved from their brick and rebar beginnings. Modern markers are made from long-lasting foam and frequently feature secondary signage components such as reader boards or dimensional letters.

2. Channel Letters – (lit or non-lit)

The channel letter sign is placed above your entrance. It is versatile, comes in a wide variety of colors as well as custom hues and features three distinct lighting options (or, it may remain unlit). Front-lit markers are the most common selection. The light shines through the colorful fronts of the letters, which are made from acrylic or plastic. Halo-lit signs have painted aluminum fronts and open backs. The light spills out from the back. The resulting halo effect is sophisticated and favored by trendy establishments. A combination of the two lighting options mutes the effects of both but presents with such a stunning display of color and halo that it is well worth a second look.

3. Cabinet Signs

Cabinet makers are usually preferred by those business owners who do not like the look of channel letters or who want to do more than just display a business’ name. A cabinet may be fashioned in the shape of your logo, which instantly reinforces brand awareness. In addition, there is the possibility of incorporating a message board as well. Some companies like the idea of mentioning mottos, taglines or business affiliations on the cabinet marker.

4. Post and Panel Signs

The post and panel marker is one the most important exterior signs to consider for 2015 in Charlotte. It is a wayfinding aid, doubles as a monument sign and also serves to make announcements. These separate functions are supported by the unique design methods and style elements involved in the manufacture. If we leave enough space to accommodate one or more riders, you can make seasonal announcements such as changed holiday hours.

Mind you, these are just the four most important signs to consider for the outside of the business. Do not neglect to also look around inside your office, building or storefront! There may be signs that are outdated, require re-branding or may need upgrades for the sake of ADA compliance. If all of this sounds like it is complicated and time-consuming, do not worry! The Sign Factory specializes in helping business customers with their signage needs, crafting budget-friendly signage packages and seeing the process through from design to installation. Call us today for more information and to get started on your order.