5 Wayfinding Trade Show Displays for the Event Organiser

You are in charge of making sure the next trade show displays all the must-have signage that ensures a minimum of confusion and frustration. While you may be new to the position, consider also that many attendees are new to the venue – and perhaps even the trade show experience in general. It is here that you can make a huge difference in the way these folks experience the event! As the trade show event organizer, wayfinding displays Charlotte exhibitors and consumers find useful must be carefully thought through.

5 Must-Have Wayfinding Trade Show Displays for Event Organizers!

To this end, we have come up with a bit of a hypothetical walkthrough that might help make your job just a bit easier.

1. Street Signage

Expo venues are notoriously large. Frequently, there are multiple parking lots or lot entrances. Proper signage begins on the street. Large A-frame markers are ideal in this setting. A simple display of the lot name and an arrow pointing in the direction of the entrance can help make a sprawling complex much easier to navigate. By the way, if you are setting up an exhibitor parking lot, be sure to use these markers to highlight this fact.

2. Parking Lot

Wayfinding signage in the parking lot can be as simple as additional A-frames that point the way to the exhibitor entrance and to the entrances that are of use to the general public.

3. Entrances

Wall signs that are mounted next to the entry doors help exhibitors, members of the business community and the general public to know which entrances they may use. When you open multiple gates, numbering the doors helps folks to orient themselves so that they can easily find the right exit when they are ready to leave.

4. Amenities

Once inside the expo hall, attendees will have different needs. Highlight the amenities with the use of wall signs – for example, label bathrooms with these markers – and also suspended signs. It can be difficult to see the outlying walls clearly in a hall that is filled with displays and people. This is where suspended signs make it much simpler to quickly figure out in which direction to walk. In addition to the bathrooms, use these types of interior signs to highlight the direction to the business office, the information kiosk and the exits.

5. Show Floor

But do not stop there! Help folks find their ways around the expo floor as well. If you are organizing the displays by niches, suspend a sign above each niche row or pod. Directory towers are extremely useful when folks are at the entrances and wonder where to go first. By highlighting specific vendors and business types represented, consumers may chart a course. If there will be presentations and product demonstrations, list them on three or four-sided information towers.

Of course, there are plenty of additional trade show wayfinding displays for expo organizers. Charlotte, NC, events are as unique as the companies that attend them, which in turn means that you need to adapt your signage in keeping with the attendees’ needs. For more help with the setup of a comprehensive wayfinding signage package, talk to our friendly expo experts. We happily offer free quotes!