Acrylic Panel Lobby Sign for Brian Boswell CPA in Charlotte NC

When you want the best service for your personal or corporate finances, you know to call Brian Boswell, CPA. When this tax accountant needed one of the acrylic panel lobby signs for CPA firms in Charlotte, NC, he called the Sign Factory. This professional is an expert at gauging clients’ individual financial situations and customizing a tax law approach that suits their needs. He needed a reception area sign that would reflect this expertise.

Functionality and Artistic Merit go Hand in Hand

Although companies in the financial sector like to use metal for their signage products, it is not a requirement. In fact, Brian Boswell shows that an acrylic foyer sign can be every bit as professional as one made from metal while adding a touch of creativity to the mix. It is this type of creativity and ability to see outside the box that makes the CPA stand out from his competition.

This lobby sign features an acrylic board. Mounted with brushes aluminum offsets to a wood grain board, it seems to float just above the substrate. Set on top of the clear acrylic is green lettering as well as the display of a green logo graphic. The detail work of the product is stunning. The fact that Boswell chose a glossy look for the signage design emphasizes the wood appearance underneath. Among signs for members of the financial sector, this is one of the most effective ones that we have seen.

How to Think Outside the Box

It is tempting to stick with the tried and true look that you have relied on for years or that you have observed in the offices of your competition. Yet are you really happy with this look? When you are ready to explore your options, we have the solutions for you.

  • Consult with specialists. Our experts work with you to discover the type of look that identifies your niche and bespeaks your approach to doing business.
  • Try new materials. If your last sign was a foam marker, consider the selection of metal, acrylic or PVC for your next lobby sign. Each material brings with it an exclusive vibe that can help you to stand out from the crowd. For example, acrylic brings vibrancy to the table that you simply do not find with other materials. On the other hand, metal allows for sophistication that very few other materials achieve.
  • Experiment with colors. Brian Boswell’s company colors include white and multiple shades of green. The logo sign capitalizes on this look that visitors to the professional’s website will recognize. Concurrently, it incorporates brown, which looks excellent with the green color and perfectly grounds the marker. The shiny appearance of the acrylic finishes off a design that pops. How could a signage overhaul with the addition of a new base color change your foyer’s atmosphere?

Explore Your Options

When you are ready to look at acrylic panel lobby signs for Charlotte, NC, companies, call our professionals for a consultation. We work with the artwork that you already have and show you how we can incorporate it into a new look that is ideal for marketing and branding to your target demographic.