Amazing Window Graphics for Businesses in Charlotte

Is your business one of the many Charlotte businesses that do not get attract the number of customers that you would like to? Do potential customers pass by your window without even taking notice of the sign above it or the one on your door?

While a business sign, like channel letters and other traditional building signs, provide the name of your business and branding, more is needed to attract people to be curious as to what is happening inside your business and what your business can offer them.

Most businesses use various types of advertising methods because these methods are truly needed to be noticed by your target audience. Window graphics are a smart choice to attract those that may be interested in what you offer.

Think about when you walk by a store or business that has a front window without any graphics or lettering. The blank window sends the message that the store is not open for business. That is definitely not a message that you want to convey, right?

However, when you walk by a storefront window that has colorful graphics and lettering, you tend to notice those graphics before you even observe the business sign. Those window graphics often encourage people to be curious and to want to know more about the business.

In addition to storefront window graphics, did you ever consider window graphics on your car as well? People in Charlotte may not know about your business due to its location. However, when you drive throughout town or park your vehicle in a parking lot, the window graphics on your vehicle will advertise your business for you.

Keep in mind that a vehicle generally travels over 30,000 miles each year. This is a lot of visibility for your Charlotte business. Your vehicle can be a traveling billboard. Pretty awesome, right!?

Window graphics are a great advertising investment as they are very cost effective. Both window graphics for both your storefront windows and for your vehicle are visible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This sure beat some other forms of advertising like yellow pages, online ads, fliers, and newspaper/magazine ads that only last for a short time period. You definitely get more visibility from window graphics that you do from these forms of advertising.

So what makes an amazing window graphic? Here are some tips to get you brainstorming:

  • You should use fonts that blend with your business logo. Using fonts that are easy to read are important if you want potential customers to be able to easily read the messages that you are trying to convey on your window graphics.
  • Make sure that the text is not too small. People will not typically attempt to read small lettering. They tend to want to be able to walk by and to be able to have the lettering big enough so they can read it easily without straining their eyes.
  • Color contrast is important in a graphic design and window display. You want the contract to be appealing and to not cause eyestrain of those passing by. This is one reason why having a professional design your window graphic is important. They are well trained in knowing what colors contrast well together and which ones do not.
  • If you are planning on changing your window graphics for monthly campaigns, coordinating designs and colors is crucial.
  • If using actual pictures, make sure these pictures are taken at a high resolution of +6 or more. Discussing this with our designer is a good suggestion so that you are not wasting valuable time taking pictures at low resolutions.