Auto Service & Repair Center Building Signage in Charlotte, NC

If you run a Charlotte auto body repair shop, you definitely need a modern and professional look, which can enhance your customer’s confidence in your services. An auto repair center building sign not only informs your clients of the available services but also gives your brand the needed exposure to stay in a competitive market.

The Sign Factory offers custom designed signs to your auto shop so that you can efficiently meet your business requirements. Regardless of the size of your shop, you can promise your clients with quality services through strategic and effective marketing tools. Signage options are increasingly becoming popular due to their effectiveness in reaching a targeted audience at a reduced cost. Flexibility in designs gives you the option to choose which one suits your auto repair business.

Auto repair center building signs can be used for advertising purposes as well as informing the public on special deals. The surrounding areas will thus be informed of what your auto shop has to offer and can help your business grow. They also offer the opportunity of increasing traffic and business exposure. Through these signage options, you can display your hours of operating, prices, special offers, and any other important information you would like to communicate with the public. Such a marketing tool is an effective way to connect with your clients and attract even more new customers.

Here are various ways in which you can benefit from an auto repair center building sign:

  • Attracts new customers – The major way people learn about a business is through signage options. Signs attract half of the first time customers a business will have. All those passersby would not have learned of your business if it were not for the signs.
  • Attracts potential customers within your locality – People always look for businesses within their locality. An auto repair center building sign can, therefore, make such people come to your shop.
  • Attract new local residents – Up to 20% of the population moves each year. Therefore, that translates to a huge number of customers who will come to your business as a result of being attracted by your custom signage.
  • Attract a larger audience – TV, radio or newspapers adverts cannot attract the number of people a sign does. Signs can be easily spotted from far and they advertise the business without having to coerce potential customers into buying your goods and services.

You’ll need to closely work with your signage provider to determine what option suits your business. Here at The Sign Factory, we take our time to get to know what your needs are so can create signage that will allow your car repair shop to shine. Check out this building sign that we created for Woodie’s auto service and repair centers. It is unique and stands out to those passing by. If you are ready to improve the image of your repair car center and to attract more customers, give us a call at 704-321-0040.