Batson-Cook Construction Brands with Reverse Cut Etched Vinyl Window Graphics in Charlotte NC

Located at 300 South Graham Street, Batson-Cook Construction is a well-known specialist in the fields of lean construction, build site management, building information modeling, and value engineering. When these experts needed a signage solution for their glass door, the firm’s management team contacted our specialists for assistance.

Reverse Cut Etched Vinyl Window Graphics in Charlotte, NC

After meeting with our clients, we designed a look that bespeaks the firm’s brand message with a replication of the company name’s font. We used a sheet of frosted vinyl that we then treated with our reverse cut method to remove material for a display of the name. The resulting appearance is elegant, communicates the brand message perfectly, and fulfills the role of wayfinding device for clients in search of the entrance to the company’s office.

Stylish Door Signage is as Useful as it is Functional

Think of your door or window graphics as the calling card before the calling card. With the lobby sign being the marker that makes the first impression as soon as a client walks through your door, the use of etched window graphics and lettering sets the stage for her or his expectations. Although you could just glue an acrylic sign to the glass, more and more business owners prefer the use of vinyl window displays.

Inform and Brand at the Same Time

There is still more to this product solution than meets the eye. For example, you do not have to limit yourself to a presentation of your company’s name alone. We frequently work with clients who like us to include additional images and informative displays.

  • Hours of business. Spell out the times that your company will be open for business. Doing so offers the added advantage of beginning a dialog with the consumer who missed you during off hours.
  • Social media engagement. If you are active on a variety of social media platforms, display their images on the frosted vinyl portion. Our technicians can either present this information as an etching or imprint it with the actual colors of the platform’s logo. The combination of the off-white to gray vinyl and the colorful print is an eye-catcher.
  • Tagline or motto. Feature your tagline or motto. When this line plays a pivotal role in your online or offline marketing of the business, it makes good sense to repeat it in the location that visitors cannot help but notice.
  • Niche explanation. Adding a few details about your line of work can be a helpful advertising message. For example, when you specialize in serving commercial versus residential clients, it makes sense to let folks know about it. Doing so can bring you additional business just because another member of the business community walked past your door and noticed your message.

If we have inspired you to take a closer look at reverse cut etched vinyl window graphics in Charlotte, NC, contact our visual artists for more information. We help you work with the glass surfaces of your doors and windows to present consumers with an attractive display that brands, advertisers, and informs. Call us today to get started on this project!