Be Unique with Custom Decorative Signs for Charlotte!

Custom decorative signs for Charlotte businesses offer three distinct benefits:

  • 1. Stand out.
  • 2. Uniquely brand the company.
  • 3. Generate interest in the business simply by choosing a rarely used signage solution.

Types of Custom Decorative Signs for Charlotte

The Sign Factory specializes in working with clients who favor this look. There are a number of signage setups that could be ideal for your storefront’s façade, too. What are your options?

Metal Plaques

You have seen them installed on facades to commemorate a special date or occasion. But did you know that they also make an excellent decorative sign for your business? Choose from copper, bronze or aluminum metal plaques. The three-dimensional effect of a relief carving highlights your information. Mount the plaque marker directly to the façade or hang it from an ornate signage hanger for an old-world look. If you worry about the cost involved, simply choose HDU composite interiors that are sprayed with metal finishes. When only the real thing will do, we can help you there, too. Since you are dealing with outdoor-rated materials, these signage solutions are ideal exterior decorative signs for Charlotte.

Sandblasted Signs

These are a favorite of developers, service providers and physicians. The material is made for long-term exterior mounting and does not call for any special maintenance treatment. The message – your company’s name, address and logo – stands out in a relief. Be as colorful or monochromatic as you like. Lastly, choose a glossy or matte finish to underscore the branding of your venue. These are stylish signs that are ideal for modern as well as historic building displays.

Carved Wood Signs

Is there anything more rustic than a carved wood sign? Choose from a basic geometric shape or go for a more authentic look. Restaurant owners, gift shop operators and bed ‘n breakfast managers frequently choose this type of look. This also goes for fishing and tackle supply stores and boat rental venues. Capitalize on your customers’ love for the outdoors by adding an iconic carved wood sign to your façade. Preserve the wood’s natural look or add colors of your own choosing for a more branded but still authentic appearance.

What causes these decorative signs to be so effective is usually the three-dimensional effect of the appearance. Whether the marker is carved, routed or sandblasted, the distinctive background and foreground work create an aesthetically cohesive display that naturally draws the eye. Even a consumer who might not usually look at business signs will not be able to help it when coming upon your marker. You see, these signs are not just functional but also qualify as unique works of art.

It is this artistic component that appeals to a wide range of consumers. To get started on your order, simply call our friendly professionals. Even if you have no idea what style you might want to order, consider that a consultation with our experts can help you to narrow down the material and treatment technique that get across not just your advertising but also your business’s branding message. Wow your clients or customers, become a must-see attraction on your block and turn into an impromptu wayfinding tool. After all, folks will quickly begin giving directions to friends that include the “business with the carved wood sign.” And who wouldn’t like this kind of publicity?