Beautiful Window Graphics Shine at Amelie’s French Bakery!

If you have spent a bit of time perusing our blog entries, you have undoubtedly become familiar with Amelie’s French Bakery. When the new location opened up in Carmel Commons, hungry guests with a hankering for mouthwatering pastries no longer had to make the trip to the NoDa Arts District. Of course, how do you follow the setup of the initial iconic venue? More importantly, how do you incorporate a two-wall window-lined view into the bakery kitchen with the seating area that spells out classy “Gemütlichkeit?”

Window Graphics for Bakeries in Charlotte, NC

The answer is surprisingly straightforward. When The Sign Factory graphic artists discussed the row of windows with the bakery’s management team, it was clear that window graphics would be the way to go. The plan that we decided on provides a bit of a cover while suiting the atmosphere to a T: opera curtains. Translucent red window graphics mimic the look of the drapes that you would usually associate with an opera stage.

They come complete with gold tiebacks and bottom fringes. The stylized folds imitate the presence of 3D fabrics. Combined with the chandelier illumination from the front as well as the high sofa backs of some seating area furniture, this look fits right in and imbues the view into the modern kitchen with the chic vibe that is going on in the area where guests enjoy crème brûlée and other treats.

How to Use Window Graphics at Your Business

What makes this window graphics installation work is the ease with which the design fits into the overall feel of the space. When incorporating the desired vibe of the locale into the design of any graphics displayed within the venue, you succeed in making the decals or murals part of the general atmosphere. This translates well into retail spaces and restaurants but also into the common office setup.

For example, window graphics in office suites have the power to bring privacy to glass-enclosed conference rooms and private offices with glass walls and doors. Besides, the use of logo cutouts makes brand displays possible. There is still more! For example, you might consider the use of stickers that are niche specific. Add etched glass vinyl accents to bring chic and sophistication to your glass partitions. In law firms that decorate with heavy wood and leather furniture, this look underscores the appearance of a traditional setting.

Discussing the Use of Window Graphics in Your Space with the Experts

If you have been toying with the idea of incorporating vinyl window graphics displays in Charlotte, NC, commercial settings, discuss your plans with our experts. We work with you to find ways that these products become a part of your overall interior décor. Rather than giving the impression of afterthoughts, they become integral players in the design of your space, which of course is not lost on your clients or customers.

With a broad range of sizes, colors and manufacturing options available to you, it is possible to turn these graphics into ideal expressions of your branding messages. Use them also for marketing and engaging the client or customer with your space. Contact us today to learn more about this process and how you can apply it to your location.