Best Event Signs and Graphics for Fall Festivals in Charlotte NC

Did you notice that the big box stores are already putting out the Halloween costumes and candy? For chamber of commerce representatives and neighborhood groups, this means one thing: it is time to think about your event signs and graphics for fall festivals in Charlotte, NC. What are this year’s must-have products?

Banners Introduce and Reinforce Your Branding

The Sign Factory is a firm believer in the advertising power of the large format banner. Show off your neighborhood group’s name and logo as well as logos of sponsors that make the fall festival possible. If proceeds from the event will benefit a non-profit organization, display its name and logo as well. The large format banner stretches across the street and presents the entrance point to the event. A similar appearance is suitable for a stage banner that identifies the main stage (when using multiple venues).

Banner Stands Display Imprinted Graphics that Market Vendors

Give vendors at your festival the opportunity to offer attendees information about their businesses. We recommend choosing the banner stand styles ahead of time, which allows for a more harmonious display. Options include retractable, telescopic, and countertop banner stands. Depending on the anticipated weather conditions, it may make more sense to go with smaller products that fit underneath the tent canopies.

Flags Catch the Eyes of Pedestrians and Motorists Alike

When you want to attract the attention of passersby, nothing succeeds like flags. Swooper, feather, and teardrop flags are among the options open to you. Swooper flags are ideal for large graphics displays and easily install with a ground spike. If you are running an inaugural festival or first-time expansion of an event, place these products near the entrance at intervals. Vendors may also display them near their storefronts to advertise their presence at your festival. Feather and teardrop flags install with stands; consider the purchase of weighted bases, which makes it possible to use them even when the weather changes.

Tents and Table Throws Create Inviting Spaces for Each Participant

A tent is very much like a trade show booth. It creates a small extension of a company’s venue with tables and product shelves. No matter what your vendors sell, we recommend encouraging the presentation of branded tents and table throws. If a company is not able to comply, have branded tents and table throws for your organization on hand. Rather than presenting a bland setup, take this opportunity to display your name and logo.

A-frame Signs Communicate Organizational Messages

Do you need directional event signs and graphics for fall festivals in Charlotte, NC? The classic A-frame is easy to position in the flow of foot traffic, where it highlights information about children’s events, food vendors, parking locations, shuttle departure times, and anything else you want attendees to know. If you are in charge of organizing a large festival, have ample signage for children who get lost. Some of the larger fairs now feature tents where these youngsters can go to wait in safety for their parents.

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