Brand Building Interior Dimensional Letters for 34 Below Nightclub!

You may remember the wall graphics and murals we just recently did for the 34 Below nightclub. The club’s management team was looking for a way to enhance the atmosphere and set the tone for a positive guest experience. When we were asked to return, the team explained that it wanted a way to build its brand via additional interior signage.

Interior Dimensional Letter Signs for Nightclubs in Mooresville, NC

Stunning dimensional lettering!

To stand out – quite literally – calls for a signage product with pizzazz. Dimensional letters accomplish this feat. We designed and manufactured lettering that spelled out, “Thirty-Four Below.” This lettering bears a complementary blue color for the tones that we used when designing the wall graphics and mural.

Installed to a white wall with offsets, this signage now succeeds at branding the venue. Right below these letters, you find the white seating areas where guests will congregate. By creating a focal wall, the eyes of consumers will take in the lettering on numerous occasions during one stay. In addition, the use of offsets allows for the creation of shadow play, which attractively enhances the vogue setting of the locale.

The Many Uses of Dimensional Letters

Colorful wall graphics!

Brand building is a process that relies quite heavily on signage. Dimensional letters, in particular, succeed at creating brand awareness in consumers. They are appropriate to use in lieu of standard interior signs, expertly brand your setting as lobby signs, and create visual cues to combine a service or product with a company’s name. Concurrently, these letters succeed at setting the tone for the interaction a consumer has with a business.

Secondary Branding Tools

Of course, you are not limited to the use of dimensional letters in your effort to enhance brand awareness among consumers. Combine these letters with secondary signage products to increase the effect of your message. What are your options?

  • Floor graphics. Most consumers are already looking toward the ground when walking. If not because of worries about missing a step, they look down because of cell phone use. Durable vinyl floor graphics display branding messages in an attractive and colorful manner.
  • Window graphics. Attract the eyes of passersby with colorful lettering and graphics displays. Perforated vinyl window sheets cover the entirety of the panes while die-cut graphics allow folks to look inside. Brand your venue by combining company colors with your message.
  • Retractable banner stands. You frequently see this brand-building tool in office settings and healthcare venues. Yet it also works for retailers who want to offer product explanations to consumers in the search for a great deal or pairing.

Ordering Your Signage

Contact the professionals at The Sign Factory to learn more about interior dimensional letter signs for nightclubs in Mooresville, NC. Of course, we also design, manufacture and install this signage solution for other types of businesses. Retailers, service providers and healthcare facilities rely on dimensional lettering for a broad range of interior displays. Combine them with secondary products for a great result. Call us today to get started on your order.