Channel Letters for Restaurants in Charlotte NC Help You Stand Out!

Located at 5361 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Kenna Coal-Fired Kitchen is the place where delicious meals come from an anthracite coal fire oven. There is not a fryer in the house. Everything is fresh; there is no freezer, either. Menu items include hummus, meatballs, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and calzones. When this eatery needed a sign to stand out, its management team contacted our professionals for assistance.

Restaurant Signage that Works

When we visited the location for a consultation and site survey, we noticed that the façade features plenty of glass, an awning setup and then the brick exterior. Looking around the area, we saw that this would be an ideal location for channel letter signs. For restaurants in Charlotte, NC, this signage product is a favorite because it lets a business brand itself with the help of the font that was chosen to spell out the name.

For Kenna Coal-Fired Kitchen, we started with a backer panel that allows the sign to be sufficiently differentiated from the wall’s color. It does so with an artistic touch. Next, we fashioned the lit channel letter setup that we then installed to a raceway for a 3D appearance. Put together, this sign looks elegant but approachable. At night, it lights up brightly and acts as the ideal wayfinding product for the venue. During the day, it fulfills its marketing and branding tasks by showing off the company’s font and colors.

Do Not Put Signs on the Backburner!

It may be tempting to focus primarily on the look and feel of your restaurant’s interior as well as on the menu development. Although these are important tasks, the National Restaurant Association reveals that you face stiff competition in North Carolina. Calling eateries a “driving force” in the state’s economy, there are more than 17,766 restaurants in the state, which are projected to generate $16.5 billion in sales. When you want a sizable chunk of that figure, you have to be seen. Signage makes it possible.

Attracting Attention with Signage

Gone are the days when hanging out a shingle was all you had to do. Today’s consumer has more choices and wants to know why visiting you is the right decision that will lead to a positive experience. We have narrowed down the way that signage can help you into three distinct tasks.

1. Get attention. Building signs get attention. Whether you select the channel or dimensional letters, a box cabinet or a sandblasted marker, it must spell out your name, present with your company’s color and provide easy directional assistance. In fact, lit signage is always preferable. The workaround here is the installation of façade lighting that makes built-in LEDs redundant.

2. Start a dialog. What does your sign promise to the guest? In addition to wanting good quality food, the guest wants an experience. Your sign creates a set of expectations that your cuisine and atmosphere fulfill. Kenna does so with its colors, name and niche explanation.

3. Expand on the dialog. We always recommend the one-two punch when it comes to signage. Do not content yourself with just installing one marker. Consider the addition of window graphics, posters, floor graphics or A-frame signage that expands on the dialog you started with the building sign.

Contact us today for more information on channel letter signs for restaurants in Charlotte, NC, and to learn how to add secondary products for an even more effective display.