Channel Letters in Charlotte NC Brand the Midtown Ballroom!

Located at 1133 Metropolitan Avenue, the Midtown Ballroom is your go-to location for ballroom-style dance instruction. Talk to the friendly instructors about children’s programs, private or group lessons, and wedding dances. When this business needed building signage that would present its brand persona to prospective students as well as the local business community, the school’s management team contacted our sign specialists.

Branding with Lighted Letters in Charlotte, NC

After meeting with our client, we customized a channel letter display that features white acrylic facings, which remind of the company’s name presentation on its website. We designed a round box cabinet for the sign’s logo portion. It features a black backdrop with white imprints for the stylized dancing couple. This part of the sign, too, mimics the online display of the business’ name. We mounted the letters to a raceway, which we painted in the same color as the architectural element mounted to the façade. The finished product looks professional, expertly conveys the business’ brand message, and succeeds in doing double duty as a wayfinding marker for prospective dance students.

Lit or Unlit Channel Letters?

Typically, our clients like the idea of putting an illuminated channel letter sign above their entryways or on their facades. But there are times when illumination is not necessary, but you still want to have the 3D presentations that this setup offers. In some settings, a business owner likes to have the option of having a sign they can later use with illumination if needed.

  • No business hours after dark. If you operate your venue with limited hours of operation – examples include appointment-only showrooms or breakfast-only eateries – you may not need lit building signage. Of course, you still benefit from the three-dimensional look of the sign product.
  • Not open to the public. When you operate a laboratory or shipping center that is not open to the public, you do not need illuminated wayfinding signage that acts as a beacon and helps customers to locate you. A non-lit version of the letters is sufficient.
  • Available façade lighting. Some clients move into a storefront location that already features pre-installed façade illumination. Property managers usually do so to create a uniform look for the building’s front. When you can train the light sources on the letters, you should be getting your lighting from them. Of course, if the illumination is too weak, it may make sense to install lit signage after all.

How to Order the Product

Start by calling our experts to schedule a design consultation. Unless you already have the measurements that you want to use and know exactly what look you are going for, we gladly come out for a site survey, which allows us to gauge the traffic speed in front of your venue. Doing so is a prerequisite for making an informed decision on the height of the lettering. The faster cars pass your site, the taller the letters need to be.

Whether you need lit or unlit channel letters in Charlotte, NC, call us today to get started on the design process!