Charlotte Fleet Wraps — Can they really enhance visibility of your company?

As a business owner, you probably would be interested in an advertising method which would help you create brand awareness without breaking your budget. Fleet wraps are a cost-effective approach to marketing your business as long as you include a simple yet eye-catching design that would increase your brand awareness and maximize advertising space.

Since you are the one who knows best the specifics of your business, it would be advisable to consult with The Sign Factory’s design staff and arrive at the most suitable graphics matching your needs. Once your design is approved, our experienced professional installers will apply your wrap and then your fleet will sure make an impression in the Charlotte and surround areas.

Commercial fleets of SUV’s, trailers, trucks and/or cars all make excellent surfaces for fleet wraps to promote your brand. We have templates for practically all vehicles and if we do not have a specific template, we can create our own.

Fleet wraps are a good investment for both small and medium-sized businesses of different types of industries including landscaping, cleaning services, plumbing, delivery services, non-profits and real estate.

Here are some of the ways in which fleet wraps can enhance the visibility of your company;

  • Your company specifics like contact information, name and physical location can be viewed by thousands of potential clients who may eventually seek your services in the near future.
  • Graphics quickly grab the attention of those passing by since people are easily enticed by variation of colors. Therefore, in order to fully maximize your visibility through fleet wraps, include full-color commercial graphics. This will help your vehicles stand out from the crowd.
  • Fleet wraps reach up to 85% of people of various income levels thereby promoting unbiased exposure to your target audience. This form of advertising also reaches people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnic groups.
  • Mobile advertising offers you the flexibility of positioning your vehicle wherever you want to, be it near the shopping malls or any other public area.
  • Every time you are stuck in traffic jam, you have the opportunity to advertise your brand. Even pedestrian traffic can easily view your advertisement.

The advantages of this form of advertising are pretty clear. You can further maximize your visibility by driving around a crowded area or driving during rush hour when there is a high likelihood of traffic jams. Fleet wraps can help you gain the maximum exposure within a limited period and at a cheaper rate compared to other forms of traditional advertising.

Investing in fleet wraps for your company is a smart way to become more well known as they will certainly enhance the visibility of what you offer.

Ensure you get the most professional and creative design team, like our designers here at The Sign Factory, to help you with design options so that your brand will be represented in a way that you are proud of. The Sign Factory is located in Charlotte, NC. However, we can supply your company with wraps regardless of the location of your vehicles. Whether your vehicles are on the west coast, east coast or in between, we can ensure that your branding will be professional and will be consistent on each vehicle. Give us a call for a quote and to schedule your design consultation to get started — 704-321-0040.